Background music in the lisu by La Mirilla


Lizzu audiences had a hard time keeping Donizetti’s tunes buzzing in their heads during intermission this Wednesday Don Pasquale , The theater decided to enliven the break with a musical thread, which could be heard a great deal in the corridors of the theater and even in the bathrooms of the Lyrical Coliseum. Fortunately, it was diluted when the audience entered, for example, the Hall of Mirrors, as the ambient sound of the crowded room overshadowed the background music above.

Modern music of the sixties after pop Mainstream What did it look like in the eighties? play list randomly Spotify made its way into the musical rhythms of opera participants such as a portion of popcorn served between courses at a banquet.

Perhaps it was feared that with Coca and Kava, easily in the 45-minute break left to celebrate the opening of the season, some souls might feel the dreaded emptiness in their ears. And wonder where the party was.

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