Back to School Bonus: How much is the new bonus announced by Maduro today


delivery of back to school bonus Via the Patria platform, it began this Thursday, September 22, and will run until Friday the 30th, Nicolas Maduro’s government reported.

Back to school bonus will be given from 22 September to 30 September 2022. Photo: Capture/Twitter

How much is the Back to School Bonus?

The Back to School Bonus is BS 31.20, which equates to $3.80As per Central Bank of Venezuela (BCV) exchange rate for the date.

The benefits will be passed on to the users of Pateria system directly and gradually. The notification people will receive via text message says the following: “School will be back on 3/Oct, under Care, Safety, Discipline and under control of COVID19. Everything to guarantee life and education. ,

Message will be sent by number 3532 and application we purse,

Who can get the bonus offered by the Maduro government?

back to class bonuss and other subsidies will be given to those who are registered matrubhumi forum, You must have a National Identity Card, a document that can be requested in the said system.

Users can transfer money to a bank account or leave it in Pateria’s wallet.

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