Awards Night in Girona by Care Santos


I haven’t been to school for three years. Girona Awards Galathe starting gun Catalan Literary Season (And the Setmana del Libre in Catal might forgive them). This year I completed the ritual. I parked the car at the same vacant spot as usual, applauded the officers very enthusiastically and got ready to have a good time. I love award shows. I am impressed by the legitimate joy of the winners. I go to him like someone who goes to a quotation. Plus, I like Girona especially well. Not only because of his seniority, but also because of his arrest. Nothing has happened to him in the 55 years of existence of the longest-running award (novel Prudency Bertrana), It is neither an epidemic, nor is it.

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This year, in addition, Girona has issued an award, aurora bertranaOne of the few awards that we have in our terroir awards translator, those demerits of foreign words for which we readers are so indebted and which hardly anyone remembers. The award was given to Jane Austen’s translator, Yannick Garcia, who dazzled with his wit and love of speech for his work, which he wanted to read despite the fact that almost everyone improvised and carried a piece of paper in his pocket. kept a piece. ,

came back Cerveri, An award for the lyrics of a song that bears the name of a 13th-century Girona Sankatmochan. There were five more awards, but this column is not suitable for so many. What is appropriate and what should be done is sudden bliss a song titled ‘Sha mort l’homme mes vell d’Espola’ by La Ludwig Band, It speaks of a dead man, but in such a festive tone that even the scintillating audience sings and claps the chorus. I’ll admit that I’ve listened to it on loop since I returned from Girona and I’m more and more a fan of its simple existentialism (but not) and its ironic lyrics with a message. For me it was one of the discoveries of the night. Long live the Ludwig band. Long live the one who gives us the blossom of joyful radiance.

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