AVE Madrid-Levante services will run from Atocha to Chamartin from 13 September


Adif Alta holds the decision to move the head of the Madrid-Alicante/Murcia high-speed services to Madrid-Chamartin-Clara Campomore station from 13 September, in response to the increase in supply in the framework of the liberalization of the Velocidad region.

As Adif explained in a statement this Thursday, as of September 13, the services of bird They will change their location in each direction with the exception of four daily trains, which will go to Madrid-Puerta de Atocha. Two of them will start their operations in September and two others in December.

Adif AV & Operators Renfe, Ouigo and Irio To further analyze its layout and make it fit, it was recently agreed to in 2020 to analyze the technical possibilities of maintaining Alicante and Murcia services from Madrid-Puerta de Atocha station, rather than relocating the terminal to Chamartín. A dialogue has been held in the months of. in your business plans.

Plan prepared in 2020 to organize the movement of trains between Madrid and Levante Responds to in-depth technical analysis of the capacity of the Atocha and Chamartin terminals and aims to respond to the liberalization needs of the region and increase traffic by 50% to make room for new operators. The scheme stems from a 2007 informative study.

In fact, for its preparation, the service was prioritized and various phases of operation were taken into account depending on the availability of the infrastructure that would configure the Madrid high-speed network – the Atocha-Chamartin Tunnel, the Atocha Pass- Thru station and new Chamartine station with more tracks – to respond to the traffic anticipated in framework agreements with operators in terms of liberalization with more supplies.

Head’s location in Chamartin will increase travel time between Madrid and Alicante to less than 10 minutes on direct trains, and achieve enormous time savings in transversal services.

Renfe traffic to Valencia will temporarily continue to operate from Madrid-Puerta de Atocha until the Madrid-Chmartin-Clara Campomore station has 8 standard gauge tracks, with the commissioning of new tracks 14 and 15.

In this sense, the Chamartin–Torrejón de Velasco section, put into service on 1 July after an investment of 1,000 million euros, supports the movement of trains coming from the Levante, avoiding the junction with Madrid. -Andalusia high-speed rail lines. In turn, the standard-gauge tunnel between Atocha and Chamartín allows cross traffic to circulate between north and west with east and south, which may stop at Madrid-Puerta de Atocha, as well as go into the Valencian community. services may also be available. and Murcia, when its new internal terminal is built.

In parallel, Adif AV moves forward in the ambitious process of rebuilding and expanding the Madrid-Chmartin-Clara Campomore and Madrid-Puerta de Atocha stations to respond to the increase in the number of commuters to and from the Valencian Community and Murcia.

The action is part of the station’s remodeling, being equipped with a new hall—which has already been expanded since 3 August—and four more high-speed tracks, plus two other tracks that modify their width. It is preceded by extensive remodeling – which will emerge from an already ongoing global competition – and which will transform it into an international benchmark transportation hub for design and sustainability.

All these investments of great technical complexity are made while maintaining the rail service, creating temporary solutions that allow the maintenance of all services in operation.

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