Autumn Equinox: Ideal Rituals To Do According To Your Zodiac Sign


On September 22, the season of Libra will begin, one of the signs related to frequent balance issues, and with this new phase of the year will come the autumnal equinox, culminating on Saturday, October 8; Astronomically, this phenomenon refers to that time of year when the duration of day and night are equal because during the path of the Sun, it clearly crosses our planet’s equator.

astronomically it also marks Seasonal change from summer to fallWhich represents various changes on the astrological level, i.e. it directly affects each zodiac sign, however, some of them will have a positive effect, especially on issues of love and money.

On this occasion, we show you step by step ideal rituals to welcome you into this new phase of the year, where you will be able to attract the best for yourself in both work and love aspects; It is recommended for all signs of the zodiac.

What do you need?

  • completely white or coconut candle
  • a glass of water
  • sandalwood, coconut or cinnamon incense
  • wooden matches
  • brand new coconut or cinnamon soap
  • three bills of 200, 100 or 50 pesos; dollars can be
  • Tequila, Rum or Mezca
  • The perfume you use the most or personal
  • Brown sugar
  • golden glow
  • a lined plate

Step by Step of this Ritual

You should take bath and use coconut soap, you are going to bathe your whole body without using shampoo or other soap; You should use this soap until it is gone (between 3 to 5 days).

You must then apply perfume to the three bills, and as you exit the bathroom you must pass it throughout your body, praying a prayer such as “Ave Maria” or “Our Father”, with the aim of attracting abundance, stability and above all. , luck in money.

You put all three bills in a glass with water and next to it you have to light a candle, which should be surrounded by your personal perfume or patchouli with sugar, cinnamon and gold glitter to attract wealth. These final ingredients should also be on the lined plate.

Later, tequila, rum or mezcal should be added to a glass of water to attract positive energy during this new month. And then the incense should be lit, it should be passed over the ritual at any time, where a prayer should also be said that all ailments be healed and that it be a streak of charm Good luck, prosperity, health and love.

The ideal ritual for this new time of year. Photo: Freepik

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