ATM accidentally dumped 90 lakh pesos in Barranquilla


Can you imagine that when you withdraw money from an ATM, it starts throwing bills without stopping what will you do?

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Although the chances of this happening are remote, the same thing happened to a young man from Barranquilla whoDue to an error in the configuration of the ATM, he received 9 million pesos in cash, which is not in their bank account.

unknown youth identified Ronald Vasquez, According to the father’s version of the protagonist of this story, he lived the scene when he returned from a Daviwinda bank teller at the Viva shopping center in the capital of Atlântico a few days earlier.

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Seeing that amount, Ronald preferred to enter the bank branch and return the amount.

“He went to withdraw a small amount and while he was waiting for the transaction, the cashier threw away 9 million pesos. He was surprised because Ronald didn’t have that amount in his account.” Dario Vasquez told the Atlantico radio station in the news.

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These days a lot of comments are being made on this act of the young man in Barranquilla, where he has received many praises for his honesty.


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