Asus ExpertBook B5 Flip OLED review: The complete business laptop


Laptops aimed at business users often have excellent performance and emphasize portability. But there remain some areas where these machines fall behind the creator-oriented notebooks. The latter often come with flexible design solutions and color-accurate displays. Get into ASUS‘ExpertBook B5. This is the brand’s latest attempt to blur the lines between business ultrabooks and creator-focused laptops.

I’ve tested the Asus Expertbook B5 for over a week and here are my thoughts on this machine.

Asus ExpertBook B5 Flip: What is good?


The ExpertBook B5 features an elegant and distinctive aesthetic. The screen flips back a full 360 degrees to turn this into a tablet. The lid opens and comes back in a very satisfying way. The transition to tablet mode is quick. You have the power button with a built-in fingerprint sensor on the right side of the laptop. A dedicated volume control is located on the left. Both are in a position where they are easily accessible, regardless of whether you use the device as a laptop or a tablet.

The ExpertBook can be a laptop, a tablet and can also be placed on a flat surface. (Image source: The Indian Express/Chetan Nayak)

The impressive thing is that here you find the brand’s ErgoLift hinge, despite being a fully rotating screen. This allows you to still enjoy the benefits of ErgoLift, such as the keyboard tilting towards you. It also means better thermal and acoustic characteristics when the laptop is placed on a flat surface, like a wooden desk.


This 13.3-inch display is a vibrant FHD OLED panel that’s truly a joy to use. The screen can get adequate brightness for outdoor use and low enough for night use. Viewing angles are great. you also get a pantone validated badge, making it a great device for creators on the go. This is also an Eye Care certified anti-glare screen that makes it easy to use in extreme conditions.

asus expertbook b5, asus expertbook b5 flip OLED The ExpertBook B5 Flip’s OLED display panel is amazing. (Image source: the indian express/Chetan Nayak)

The screen is also touch responsive and stylus compatible. Creators can also use a stylus here if they wish, though it will be a separate purchase. One thing to note is that you won’t get an edge-to-edge experience with this screen, as the laptop has significant bezels and a large chin underneath.

performance characteristics

The laptop is quite fast in daily tasks and boots up in no time. The 11th generation Intel The Core i7 processor and 16GB of built-in memory make this a multitasking beast. You’ll also see fast rendering with programs like Adobe Premiere Pro, where you can also use the touch screen to navigate and work more efficiently. The laptop is also great for those who use programs like Photoshop and Illustrator, as you can use both the touchscreen as well as the keyboard, mouse, and trackpad in your projects.

The laptop handles thermal temperatures quite well, and while the fans here can be loud, you’ll rarely see any sort of heating that affects your use or the task at hand.

keyboard and trackpad

The compact keyboard here is pushed in slightly so you can rest the laptop on the keyboard surface when in tablet mode and not damage the keys. The keys have a single level of backlighting and good travel for good feedback when typing. Unlike some compact laptops I’ve used in the past, the keyboard layout doesn’t feel too cluttered.

asus expertbook b5, asus expertbook b5 flip OLED The keys are well spaced and have good travel. (Image source: The Indian Express/Chetan Nayak)

I should also mention the practicality of the dedicated switch to turn on and off the laptop’s two-way noise cancellation feature. This can also cancel unwanted noise to some extent from the other party. It’s really helpful if you have a lot of Zoom meetings to attend on a daily basis.

The touchpad is as big as you’d expect from a compact laptop like this and it comes with nice integrated touch keys. There is also an implementation of NumberPad 2.0 that allows you to use a quick calculator directly on the trackpad. You can also control the brightness of this calculator on two levels, which is nice to have.

asus expertbook b5, asus expertbook b5 flip OLED The NumberPad 2.0 feature on the touchpad is easy to use and very helpful when it comes to numbers. (Image source: The Indian Express/Chetan Nayak)

Battery duration

The Asus ExpertBook B5 has phenomenal battery life and can easily last a full day of work, even with heavy use. What’s more useful are the two Thunderbolt 4 USB Type-C ports that also serve as power input ports for the laptop. This means that you can use almost all modern phone chargers to charge your laptop.

Instead, you can simply carry the laptop’s USB Type-C charging brick to charge the ExpertBook, your phone, and any other USB-C devices you have. This will make travel easier as you only need to carry one charger.


The Asus Expertbook B5 also features a good range of I/O panels despite being quite a compact laptop. The device has two Thunderbolt 4 ports on the left along with a MicroHDMI port. The laptop also comes with an RJ45 to MicroHDMI port which is useful when you want to connect the laptop directly to a LAN port.

On the right, you get a single HDMI port and a single USB Type-A port along with a Kensington lock and 3.5mm audio port. The single USB-A port can be a drawback if you’re still using a lot of USB accessories, but if not, you shouldn’t face any issues with the new design that’s actually more future-proof.

Asus ExpertBook B5 Flip: What’s not good?

The ExpertBook B5 has no major drawbacks. But even though the device strikes a nice balance between being business-oriented and creator-oriented, it still might not be for everyone. Some may find the large bezels and chin unattractive.

I feel like the laptop speakers could have been louder. However, none of these elements take away from what the laptop has to offer and what it claims to excel at.

Verdict: Should you buy the ExpertBook B5 Flip?

Starting at Rs 1,39,000, the Asus ExpertBook B5 comes with a good mix of features and specifications that make it a well-rounded work laptop for most workers. The highlights are the excellent design, reliable performance, and display panel. The overall compact and lightweight nature of the device is another plus point. Note that the laptop weighs only around 1.3kg. These are the key aspects of a good business laptop, and the ExpertBook B5 ticks all of them.


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