Astrologers predict an exciting Valentine’s week: this is your horoscope


Cupid could be dipping those arrows in an extra-strength love potion this V-day, when the moon enters the sign of royalty. Lion. And if icebreakers are needed, enter Mercury. The winged messenger returns to Aquarius for his second visit this year, lightening the mood and making it easy to banter, flirt, and even discuss meaningful topics with perfect strangers.

aquarius energy tends to be more logical than sentimental. We’re not saying this is going to be an erotic buzz, but this V-Day foreplay can start off with some intellectual stimulation before it gets physical. (And as a sign that electricity rules, keep the toy drawer stocked!) If you’re going out, start with a stimulating activity, like live music or a comedy show. Community Aquarius enjoys a group date, and who knows where that could lead the most nervous people! Don’t you have Valentine? So there’s no problem. He gathers his friends and celebrates the spirit of universal love, perhaps serenading each other with tongue-in-cheek ballads in a private karaoke room.


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