Asanto, one of the most transparent public affairs consultants


accent one of them Advisor Most transparent public affairs in the country. thus he maintains Field study on lobbying activity in SpainAlfredo Arseo Vaques from Complutense University, Madrid.

The work, which has over 900 pages and sponsored by Retispana, includes: Classification of consultants based on their openness to provide information about your activity. The study authors concluded that “the transparency of many consultations continues to improve”.

give less than a third of your figures

To make this work, a questionnaire To agencies and consultants of samples extracted from Spanish registries. In addition to asking about billing from employees’ data and lobbying activities, a slew of questions centered on their vision of transparency in the public affairs sector.

The response rate to this last question shows that, after repeated attempts by the research team, “only seven of the 22 consultants provided their data first hand”, which represents less than a third of those registered in the main registries interest groups from Spain. You Of those seven, only four are public affairs experts.Therefore, according to the researchers, there is no relation between expertise and transparency.

transparency ranking

According to the study, the organizations providing the requested data to carry out field work were, Asanto Public Affairs, Karyotype MH5, Common Sense Advisory Company, Evercom, LLYC, Reti Spain and Roman Reputation Matters,

Transparency ranking of consultants according to UCM study

In many cases, for those who did not respond or declined to provide information on billing, it has become possible to provide global data for the company’s fiscal year 2020. Commercial Registration, However, for those communications agencies that operate on public affairs as another service among all those services, “this information is insufficient to establish the amount of business that the service actually brings to them. Lobbying,

lack of data

Six of the top ten firms in the quantitative ranking declined to provide their billing data, although casuistry varied among advisors who did not provide financial data. Here are some examples: “Vince and Kreb openly refuse to answer questionnaires; Political Intelligence and Deva Communications allege lack of availability to respond during the months that the fieldwork was done.” Many others, such as Edelman, Weber Shandwick or RPP Group, provided data on employees, but “should refrain from commenting on their billing.” Harmon suggested that the team wait for the publication of the 2021 data in the Mercantile Registry. and They failed to make contact with “19N Strategies at any time”.

Similarly, there is consensus among the members of the Consultants who answered general questions on transparency, indicating that need clear rules And that they represent the same game board for all participants in lobbying activities. This was stated by the advisory representatives of Asanto and Etravia.

Webber justifies Shandwick’s refusal to provide billing figures for its head of public affairs, Romain Guillemin, lack of regulatory framework Which equalizes the transparency efforts of all agencies. Others, such as Javier Herrero from Evercom, Call for compulsory state registration of interest groups in Spain; Or the integration of criteria that already exist, as said by Miriam Arrechia, senior accounting manager for public affairs at Edelman. Almost all refer to a stricter code of conduct monitoring.

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