Arequipa: Integold Mining to Meet with Artisan Miners


by: Robert Orihuela

Starting at 10am today, Sonia Alva Rodriguez, the new administrator of the mining company Integold Mining SA, will meet with artisan miners from the Calpa Rennes and Attico Calpa associations, as well as representatives of the regional government. Alva told that the new creditors of the mining company appointed him and gave him rights so that he could negotiate with the artisans. In theory, they said they would work with everyone who has a comprehensive registry of mining formalities (REINFO) and at the same time they would no longer have to pay 50%, but only what the market indicates, which is part of their profits. is 5%. ,

Sonia Alva explained that since 2018 creditors of Integrold Mining SA have filed suit because the company owed them US$27 million. These are, among others, the three Pension Fund Association (AFP), the National Superintendent of Tax Administration (SANAT) and the Golden Minor SAC. The latter claims a loan of US$14 million for services rendered to Integrold Mining.

With the lawsuit won, the meeting of creditors has the right to take physical control of the 16 mining concessions they have at Attico, Caravelli. For this, he appointed Alva Legal Sac, Alva Rodriguez’s company, as administrator. However, Rossana Calmette Guzzotti, the former General Manager of Integold Mining, refused to leave the facility. “And it is this woman who continues to make concessions to the artisans and also to allow strangers to enter the mine. We want the artisanal miners to know that she no longer runs the company,” Alva explained.

The new administrator indicated that they were now completing the procedures before the public registry to register as new administrators with the approval of the meeting of creditors.

For now, Alva Legal will participate in a dialogue table conducted by the regional government with artisanal miners working in the Integold concessions. It will take place at Kennedy Avenue Headquarters at 10 a.m. today. Sonia Alva assured that the creditors have no intention of kicking out any of the miners. He said he would work with those associations to which he only asked that they be formalized. Furthermore, he estimated that if they formalized and submitted their action plan, they would not be charged the 50% fee that Calmette had asked for, but would only be charged what the market indicated (5 %).

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