Arequipa: 90-octane gasohole this Sunday at S/22 . was quoted around


price of 90 octane gasohol, on most taps arequipaQuoted within range of S/22 this Sunday. This happens after the last value reference of petroperuReleased on Thursday, recording a decrease of approximately S/1.00 compared to two weeks ago.

It is worth remembering that, according to Petropere’s reference values ​​on Thursday, A gallon of gasohol is worth S/22.11. Some taps are close to that price, such as the El Centenario station on Progresso Avenue (Miraflores), which sold fuel this Sunday at s/22.19. For its part, the San Jose faucet located in the front pitches the product at s/22.56.

according to application I facilitateThere are some taps that provide gasohole above 90 s/23 or below s/22. At only one station in Miguel Gru (Paukerpata) it is indicated that the fuel is at S/20.80.

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Various drivers consulted indicated that they did not feel the reduction in price or that it was too modest and not in line with Progressive fall in the international price of a barrel of oil.

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