Apple Watch will get a new heart month activity challenge for February 14


Apple has launched its new Heart Month Activity Challenge for the month of February. This is intended to help users stay fit and active by encouraging them to complete all thirty minutes of their exercise on February 14. Apple Watch assigns the wearer a daily goal of exercise minutes, steps, and ‘Support Goals’. Completing these goals regularly and on special days helps users earn special rewards. Every year, Apple launches a challenge for this month aimed at heart health.

“We strongly believe at Apple that if you can empower people with information about their health, you can change the trajectory of their wellness,” Jeff Williams, Apple’s chief operating officer, said in a press release. “Keeping your heart healthy requires a holistic approach, something we’ve focused on since the first generation of Apple Watch with the inclusion of fitness and activity apps, in addition to heart rate,” he added.

This year too, those who complete this challenge will also get a special reward on their Apple Watch. In addition to this, Apple’s Fitness+ subscription service will feature a special section of 30-minute energizing workouts that will motivate users to get their weekly minutes of exercise. Apple Fitness+ is not available in India.

Exercise sessions will be available starting February 14.

Apple is also introducing apps that can help users take better care of their cardiovascular health. According to the company, apps like HeartWatch, Gentler Streak, and Zones can help users optimize their fitness and overall well-being with personalized workouts, monitoring of key heart rate metrics, and tracking of vital health signs.

Additionally, Apple Books and Apple TV will feature content focused on heart science, a healthy heart, and healthy living this month.

Apple study on the heart and movement

Apple has also revealed information from a new study, which looked at activity data as part of an ‘Apple Heart and Motion Study’. In this study, researchers at Brigham and Women’s Hospital worked in collaboration with the American Heart Association and Apple.

They analyzed more than 18 million workouts recorded with Apple Watch during the pandemic. The researchers found that study participants relied more on walking, cycling and running to complete their active minutes.

They also found that participants 65 and older were actually more likely than their younger counterparts to stay on track. These participants met their goal of at least 150 minutes of activity per week.

Additionally, participants with above-average cardiovascular fitness levels averaged more than 200 minutes of activity per week. According to the study, those with good cardiovascular fitness averaged more than 300 minutes of activity per week.

“Through this study, we are able to analyze the interaction between activity and Cardio Fitness and follow trends in ways that were not possible before. We anticipate that exploring physiology at this scale with such a rich research dataset will shed light on wellness and health maintenance,” Calum MacRae, principal investigator of the Apple Heart and Movement Study and a cardiologist and professor of medicine, said in a statement. Medicine at Harvard Medical School. Press release.

Apple is also collaborating with additional research institutions to conduct heart health studies with Apple Watch.


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