Apple Top Brass likely to be deposed in US antitrust probe against Google


The Justice Department wants to testify to some of Apple’s top executives as it prepares for a trial to determine whether Alphabet’s Google violated antitrust law in the way it runs its search business, a lawyer representing Apple said Friday. . In its lawsuit, the Justice Department accused Google of paying billions of dollars each year in opt-out deals with Apple, Samsung and others to make Google’s search engine the default on their devices.

At a pre-trial hearing, Steven Sunshine, speaking on the Applehe said the government was seeking comment from “Apple’s top executives.”

Sunshine also said it was unclear what the Justice Department wanted from Apple.

The United States Department of Justice sued Google in October 2020, accusing the $1 billion (approximately Rs. 75,62,921 crore) company of illegally using its market strength to hobble rivals. A trial date has been set for September 12, 2023.

The US Department of Justice, the Federal Trade Commission, and state attorney general groups launched a variety of investigations into Big Tech platforms about two years ago, some of which resulted in lawsuits.
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