Apple Music cuts free trial period to one month


New users will no longer receive a three-month trial of the streaming music app, Apple Music. according to a report for Macotakarathe company has reduced the trial period to one month in all countries where the services are offered.

However, there is no change in the pricing system, where users will have to pay the same recurring fee of Rs 99 per month (individual plan). The three-month trial period was enough to compete with Spotify and other streaming giants, which offer two-month trials or less.

The change also doesn’t affect Apple’s six-month free trial on purchases of limited-time products like Beats, AirPods and HomePod mini. The company never officially announced a test reduction, and it is not known what motivated it. The change takes effect starting this week and for the first time since the company first introduced it in 2015.

Xbox was recently under fire from the CMA (UK Competition and Markets Authority) for not being completely “transparent” about your online gaming subscription. The company will now be required to make official statements, every time a change is made to its service.

Apple also hasn’t said what would happen to current three-month trial holders, though under normal circumstances those who applied for the plan before the change shouldn’t be affected.

The update could see many new subscribers move over to different music streaming platforms once the trial period ends. But knowing Apple, the company probably did enough research before making the switch.


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