Antonio Fernandez Pineda, dentist, bullfighter… and his circumstances


Still surprised to see the name of Antonio Fernandez Pineda As “excellent” in Tronio posters. And it attracts attention as this Sevillian bullfighter (La Puebla del Río, 1980) excited fans at the beginning of the new century with his elegant bearing and good manners. He starred in an intense and successful career as a bullfighter and managed over 100 bullfights; He made paseo in the main squares of Spain, France and America, he seduced La Maestranza and the company rewarded him dream option: Feria de Abril de 2001, Saturday 28 April, from Nez del Cuvilo to Bullock, Joselito, Jose Tomas and Fernandez Pineda.

Seven years later, he decided to change his life. He began his dental career in Grenada, and today he is a committed professional with the new clinic he has inaugurated in his hometown, a happy father of a five-month-old baby girl and an occasional bullfighter in excellent form.

Between that choice of authentic luxury – a set of delusions of oneself and others – and the professional effort of today’s dentist, there is a whole trajectory of constant injuries and circumstances assumed by this man who takes life too seriously. Claims to have taken and enjoys wearing a white coat as usual and a sporadic suit of lights.

“Life marks the path for you and you have to be realistic,” he says. “The important thing is to keep your eyes open, change your life if you have to, and give your all.”

“Sometimes, they ask me what I need to be excellent, and I answer that it helps me feel alive”

“You can fulfill yourself as a person and a professional in many ways,” he adds. “Bullfighting is still my passion, but my fitness work also excites me. I completely dedicate myself to it, as it is a lucrative profession and requires constant training from you.”

“But I still feel like a bullfighter,” he clarifies. “I feel inspired when they call me to fight, and I prepare myself to be the best I can. I have a lot of respect for the profession and keep myself trained, out in the field, and ready.” Sometimes, they ask me what I need to be excellent, and I reply that it helps me feel alive and appreciate the bug of bullfighting, which is very It’s good.

Fernandez Pineda says that he has always loved animals and that is where his passion for bullfighting comes from. According to his words, he started watching bullfights on television and the initial occupation became a disease. Despite family opposition, who preferred to pursue a university career, he became a favorite bullfighter of Sevillian fans.

“It’s true that I had a nice atmosphere in Seville”, he admits, “the choice was a dream come true, and I enjoyed it from the moment the fair poster was announced, but…”

Antonio Fernandez sings Veronica at Pineda La Maestranza.porcuna

‘But’ is that he tore the cruciate ligament in his right knee during the winter, a few months before the crucial event, and suffered a loss of faculties in Seville. When the bugle first announced the bull’s departure, Fernández Pineda decided to receive it on his knees at the bullpen door, with such misfortune that he suffered an acrobatic and fractured his right wrist. . And so his start as a bullfighter vanished.

“The afternoon was tough and beautiful,” recalls the bullfighter. “I gave of myself and everything that I had. No one realized I had broken my wrist until I took pithing and found I couldn’t move my hand; I went to the hospital and couldn’t get out. Everything went wrong, but I was really there and I had some very positive personal feelings.”

The bitter choice of the Sevillian bullfighter was soon forgotten because witnesses, Jose Tomas, came out through the Puerta del Principe for the second time at that fair And caught everyone’s attention.

Fernández Pineda’s bout of injuries did not end in Seville. After recovering from a torn ligament and wrist injury, a year later a bull broke his leg, a week before returning to Seville, two broken ribs, anyway…

“Injuries marked my career greatly, but that’s not an excuse,” he says, “but rather a reality that affected my career.”

“I’ve never felt like a loser. Life is a circumstance, and you have to have the masculinity and range to face them realistically”.

The truth is that hope was fading, and in the summer of 2008, Fernández Pineda thought it was time to resume the high school he left behind because of his loyalty to the bulls.

“I enrolled in university access for over 25”, he explains, “I studied like crazy and qualified to study dentistry. I was always interested in the health field and had a career in my life. Was determined to start a different phase.

He never announced his retirement from the ring, went to the library from the field, and admitted that the change was brutal. During the first year of my degree “I forgot about bullfighting and devoted myself to studies because I’ve always been very responsible,” he says. It was the following year when he got a call to excel in a bullfight.

“The truth is that I missed the fight,” he says, “and my first impression was astonishing because the image of the excellent was tarnished. I asked for some time to think, and in the end, I agreed because if you do it Do it with your heart and professionalism, so you don’t have to feel inferior.

He combined study with sporadic celebrations, and by the time he received the degree his name was already outstanding.

“Yes, it’s important to be ready from time to time, because not everything is limited to the day of the bullfight. It’s a way of life that requires discipline and mindset. And I don’t mind going for a walk and giving a slam Because I know what my role is, and I have an obligation to be ready if anything happens.

This year he has stepped into bullring on three occasions: on the afternoon of Jins Marin’s ambush at Santander, and two at the April Fair, going hand-in-hand between Ferreira and Pereira, and with Escribano, who was declared with six oxen. was. Miura.

“I thought I had the conditions to be a figure, but … there have been allies who have put in their efforts and achieved their goals. If you get bored it is that you have the necessary tenacity.” There is a shortage. The bench is very tough. And when time passes and dreams don’t come true it is not easy to keep going.”

“I am a bullfighter and a dentist, and I am proud of both professions. Both provide me satisfaction and make me happy”, he admitted.

ask, Have you ever felt like a loser?

answer, “Never. Life is circumstances, and you must have the masculinity and class to face what comes before you with realism. Plus, you can sleep peacefully when you have what you have.” “

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