Antonia San Juan was on the verge of death admitted to intensive care


At 60, actress Antonia San Juan enjoys excellent health, but it wasn’t always that way. In fact, he once said he was about to die twice.

In an interview for the show Heart He shared what those near-death experiences were like and what got him to this point.

Antonia San Juan was about to die twice


It all started with a simple operation for appendicitis when I was young, the operation became quite complicated. She had to undergo another emergency surgery to try to stop a massive infection.

“His intestine had been cut open and he had an infection in several organs. I spent almost a month in intensive care,” he told the program.


Antonia San Juan at GQ party


The actress was so bad that her parents came from Gran Canaria to say goodbye. “They came straight to say goodbye to me because I was dying,” he confessed.

The other episode was much more recent, in 2017 he had to go to the emergency room due to very severe stomach pain. Apparently, it was one of the doctors who saw her who insisted on urgent surgery and saved her life.


Antonia San Juan is one of the most renowned actresses in our country


“They removed 20 centimeters of my small intestine because of gangrene,” he said not so long ago in an interview for El Mundo. If more time had passed without our intervention, she probably wouldn’t be alive today.

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