Antauro Humala will arrive in Arequipa in October, according to a representative


By: Alexis Clash

Members of the political party Alianza Nacional de Trabajadores, Agricultores, Universitarios, Reservistas y Obreros announced the arrival of the ethnocacerist leader Antauro Cares for next October Arequipa region.

The ex-military is on a tour of various southern regions after being released after 17 years in prison for the case Andahuaylazo.

The party’s representative, José Tacar Zevallos, reported that Humala’s visit is initially scheduled for October 5-7, although the date could vary depending on security conditions.

Humala will fulfill an extensive agenda visiting not only Arequipa, but also other provinces and cities such as El Pedregal, Camaná, Secocha and the Tambo Valley.

Your tour will end with a rally in the city of Arequipa. “Arequipa is chosen as the last city because we have a fallen comrade in the fight. Mr. Walter Merma Choquehuanca was from Arequipa and here a pilgrimage will be held and his grave will be visited”detailed Tacar Zevallos.

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