Ambassador to Colombia says US supports absolute peace: ‘Let’s see how to help’


US Ambassador to Colombia, Francisco Palmieri was visiting Buenaventura and talked about the projects that are being done with the government of Gustavo Petro. for region and country. In fact, he assured that the embassy is in constant touch with the President and his team since the inauguration of the new President.

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,I have come here because during the junction, and since the inauguration, we have had a lot of contact with the new government, with President Petro and Vice President Marquez.Palmy explained.

The ambassador said that in his conversation with the President and Francia MarquezPoliticians have made it clear to them that US programs to combat drug trafficking should focus on the Pacific.

“That is why we are here understanding the reality of Buenaventura…, a city that needs more attention and to find out, we visited the mayor, we visited the youth to reach an understanding of an area. And speaking to civil society activists, there is definitely a need for more attention and more investment,” Palmeri said.

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Too, Joe Biden government official says he is aligning all his efforts with the priorities of the new Colombian president, In this sense, he took a positive note about Gustavo Petro’s first days in presidency and insisted that the United States is interested in remaining an ally of the country.

“American investors continue to have confidence in this economy and, in his 45 days in office, the president is forming a government, executing his reform projects and defining how he will follow the government’s own program.” And that’s why we want to be the partner that the United States has been for 200 years and for the next 200. We’re here to see how we can help the government achieve its objectives in Buenaventura and the Pacific ,” said the ambassador at a conference press.

What does America think of absolute peace?

Regarding his country’s position in relation to the total peace sought by the Petro government, Palmeri explained that this is an initiative that benefits not only Colombia, but the whole world, which the US wants to help.

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“While the original peace agreement of 2016 was one of the most important achievements in this new millennium, the possibility that we can achieve complete peace in Colombia is for the benefit of not only Colombians but the whole world. And The United States is going to see how we can help the negotiation process, but at the same time, it’s very complicated and we understand that, It took more than four years for the first agreement to be reached and we are here to listen and support the concept.”

On the other hand, regarding the resumption of relations with Venezuela, the US ambassador to Colombia insisted that they respect the decision, but they hope that Colombia will not forget that the neighboring country has a problem with democracy and that they must seek solutions. should .

“The sovereign decision of President Petro’s government to reopen relations with Venezuela is something that any country can dictate its foreign policy, we want the government to take this into account through this opening that there are problems in Venezuela and are they promoting a solution there, for us a democratic solution is the best way for the Venezuelan people to deal with their situation and we hope that in this effort to help Venezuela We will be able to count on Colombia.

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Was there a meeting between Joe Biden and Gustavo Petro?

In front of a dinner with Joe Biden, to which Gustavo Petro arrived late, Francisco Palmeri clarified that no appointment was scheduled. And it was all a misunderstanding: “With regard to a meeting in New York, I think there is a mistake. I had never planned a meeting between the two leaders.”

Finally, Palmieri mentioned the FTA, which celebrates 10 years of implementation. He said that, from his point of view, this could be improved, taking into account that economies have changed and are in favor of the environment and communities.

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“A 10-year treaty has to be adapted because after 10 years there have been many changes in both the economies, so perhaps they will organize a visit here. The treaty and I believe there are things in the treaty like strengthening labor rights, how we can help advance environmental protection. So there are many aspects to the treaty and I believe It’s not worth renegotiating, it’s worth improving and I think it’s what we’re trying to propose”.


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