Almeida to appoint Madrid filmmaker Tim Burton as ambassador for a “life of limitless creativity”




film producer
Tim Burton
(California, 1958) will be appointed first ambassador of madridAs announced this Wednesday by the representative of the city council of the capital, Andrea Levi of Culture.

This distinction is aimed at individuals or legal entities, national or foreign “who stand out for their activities or Services abroad for the benefit of the city of Madrid ”, according to sources in the municipal area. The distinction will be for a lifetime, and is bestowed in a serious deed. With the consent of the governing board, the process of awarding the honorary degree will start this week.

“Later life of overflowing creativityBurton arrives to exhibit his visual work in Madrid, an equally creative city, the world capital of the arts, his first passion.

The artist for whom everything begins with drawing on a piece of paper meets the city of canvases and brushes. This would be the first time that his graphic work could be toured retrospectively in Europe”, explained Levy.

the guy who never wanted to grow up

is counted Burton On one occasion, when he was a child, his parents climbed onto his bedroom window. From then on, the boy along with some friends began to observe life through the gap between the wooden planks. The distance it created between him and the rest of the world, as well as the separation it caused, has shaped California’s behind-the-scenes career.

His cinema is a reflection of that childhood– It’s dark and full of misogynistic and outcast characters, but the background is kind and innocent. This is seen when the hero of
‘Edward Scissorhands’
(1990), wants to caress his maker, cuts his face with one of his blades; Or when in ‘Frankenweenie’ (2012), young Victor, horrified by the death of his dog, builds a machine to revive him in the purest Mary Shelley style.

can read Tim Burton’s full profile, here,

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