All VIS subsidies for 2022 have already been allocated


This Wednesday the Housing Ministry confirmed that the resources earmarked for the VIS subsidy have already been allocated for the rest of the year.

(52% of Bogota citizens are planning to buy a home in 2023).

“rhythm of allocation” ‘My home now’ has increased significantly, it means that the quota available for the year has been consumed in less time”, Housing Ministry said.

The initial goal of the portfolio was to provide 41,800 financial relief to families who had decided to purchase social interest housing and that met the requirements of their assignment. Even then, Their high demand led to the allocation of 65,000 subsidies, already meeting the 2022 target.

41,800 had funding corresponding to this year and the remaining subsidies were supported with a future validity of the year 2023.

(About 100,000 disbursements were made for housing from January to June).

Since the program started in the government of Juan Manuel Santos in 2015, the housing program ‘My home now’ Provided relief to thousands of Colombians by subsidizing initial installment payments and interest rates on loans contracted by the bank of their choice.

In the year of its launch it managed to reach 1,804 homes, a year later the number tripled and reached 6,928 deliveries, in 2017 the figure reached 14,427, in 2018 the number multiplied by five and reached 30,355 homes. reached. In 2019 this figure was 31,916, in 2020 it was 37,951 and in 2021, The number registered in 2016 exceeded 10, reaching over 66,987 deliveries (1,987 more than this year).,

With regard to the undisclosed allocation for the families requesting relief, the housing ministry assured that they are in the process of continuing for the rest of the year.

“Assignment proposals are currently being issued for families that have been approved to manage subsidies and resources to guarantee the continuation of the programme. This process is expected to be completed during the rest of the year. .indicated to the ministry.

(400,000 homes per year are needed to eliminate the housing deficit).

The portfolio also stated that households that have already started the process of subsidy and “by assigning” They can rest assured that in the months to come, they will have resolution and will be able to move forward in their home buying process and those who are in this situation. “capable” They should be attentive to the new process starting in 2023.

For the Housing Minister, Catalina Velasco, the program needs to deepen in terms of equity so that this aid can reach the most needy families. Currently, the program is focused in and around capital cities.

Where do Colombians buy more housing vias?

Between January and August of this year, according to the Urban Coordination of the Colombian Chamber of Infrastructure (Camacol), 118,364 homes have been sold, which translates into an investment of $18.7 billion in investments in this type of housing so far this year. .

Bogota is the city where these housing units have been sold the most (26,937), followed by Valle with 20,247, Atlántico with 15,882, Cundinamarca with 13,810, Antioquia with 9,449, Tolima with 6,001, Bolivar with 5,427, Norte de Santander with 3,030 and Santander with 2,945 Vis houses have been sold.

The regions of Bolivar, Córdoba and Sucre stood out with annual growth of more than 20%.

Paula Andrea Galliano Balaguerra
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