Alizzz: “I’m from Casteldefels and I’m part of Catalan culture”


The presence of Alizez, i.e. Cristian Quirante, is one of the highlights of Merse Musica’s offering today, Friday (Bogtel Beach, 11:30 p.m.). His concert also comes amid the resonance created by his debut single in Catalana. what’s up babywhere he claims the existence of Baix Llobregat and regrets not being considered part of Catalan culture.

The producers of C. Tangana, among others, will reveal their debut solo album today must be something else (Warner).

What will be heard at La Merce, will it be a rock band concert with an electronic touch?

We continue to present the album must be something elseWe’ve added some songs, we’ll do some versions, and we’ll play the new single live for the first time. what’s up baby, Extended version over single. And yes, we continue to do a rock concert with synth, with electronics. And I believe more and more that concert is rock because of its energy, its Emotion.

So it will be the premiere of his controversial song, which is also his debut in Catalan.

Yes. We’ve played in Lorca and Granada since the single came out, and they asked me for it at both concerts. And this is not strange because looking at the statistics, a lot is being heard outside Catalonia, practically half. In fact, the audience in the capitals of Madrid and Barcelona is equal.

What readings can be taken from this data?

I have a lot of influence in both cities and people who follow me want to know what it’s about, even if it’s in a language they don’t control. I think the song as a song, beyond its speech or content, is very well rounded, very well done and can be enjoyed more or less understood, just as music.

song intent

The song ‘Que Pasa Nan’ is a testament to my region, Baix Llobregat, and my city, Castelldefels. It’s like putting a value and saying we’re the best and we can be proud too

when you release a single what’s up baby Have you imagined its effect?

Yes. This song is above all an affirmation of my region, Baix Löbreget, and my city, Castelldefels. It is like an omen, to be valued, respected and to say that we are also the best and we can feel proud too. Because it’s a parody area that’s defamed, as if a little stigmatized. And I wanted to change that and feel proud of myself and my countrymen. And then also where to declare myself a part of Catalan culture because I think there is a socio-political fantasy that assumes that I am not a part of it, and to put the debate on the table and put it as it is for me Interesting seemed to be the hesitation, of arrogance, what was used in the rap.

But things went further…

EnComú Podem’s policy of reading a piece of song in Congress, and also I am tired of reading articles thinking about them and putting some things in my mouth that I will never say. But we come through difficult times in Catalan political history and I also understand that there are people who take this very seriously and tell me everything. But it all sounds like a healthy debate to me.

Catalan musician and producer, in his native Castelldefels . In

rafa castel

In all of this, does it matter that you sing in Spanish?

More essential is the idea that Catalan culture can only be done in Catalan, which I find valid and defendable, but it also seems like a denial of reality. It’s written about me, I think, in a magazine article endrock, That I decide to use Spanish freely and thus not become part of Catalan culture. This seems to me to be an illusion: I don’t decide to use Spanish independently, but my mother and father spoke to me in Spanish, everyone in school spoke Spanish to me because after all, I live in a city that I live where immigration was huge. , although Catalan is an equally important part of our lives. Songs came so naturally to me, and in one fell swoop I took away a huge part of my identity and didn’t allow myself to be a part of Catalan culture. That’s what it’s about. But when you have very strong opinions on the subject, hatred arises and they tell me everything, from catalophobic to Nazi to laroxist.

where do you stand?

I represent the reality of Catalonia and I believe that what I do is part of the Catalan culture I want to be a part of. If they suddenly tell me that I cannot be a part of it, they take away a very important pillar of my existence. I am from Casteldefels, I am Catalan and I do Catalan Culture.


The Catalan music industry is in a huge shock, a brain drain, towards Madrid artists, producers and musicians

You have said that what you do at the musical level is recognized more nationally and internationally than Catalan, is that something to do with it?

I am fortunate to have been very successful nationally and internationally as well and I have mixed feelings when I realize that there is little recognition in my home country. But it just affects me, because I have other channels where I have been successful and make a very good living… but I feel very bad for not being a part of that culture because the first thing is I am Catalan I feel and I am a part of it. And it is also not wise for me not to allow myself or other important artists to be a part of Catalan culture because the Catalan music industry is in huge shock, there is a brain drain towards Madrid, artists, producers and musicians and I think That we should give it the possibility to raise the Catalan flag and make that flag worth the redundancy and let the industry develop a little here.

What is the reason for this shock?

It’s a constant trickle, especially from the cast. And I am not saying that we are doing wrong as a country like Catalonia, but I think decisions should be taken into account and made so that this does not happen and gain some strength. A record three multinationals and the three largest publishers are in Madrid, and the same goes for distributors. Somehow it should be encouraged so that people do not have to go out to get jobs. A long time ago I decided to stay here and fight my battles from here. This means that if someone wants to make music with me they have to come here and I will continue to value my culture and my people, to explain that I am from Castelldefels, that I am Catalan. But things are lacking at the political level in terms of investments and ideas.

Folks outside Baix Llobregat, do you think you got the playful tone of the song?

I think so. People in general understand that this is a playful way of speaking, that just because you are from outside Baix Llobregat, you are clearly not boring and full. But there are things that are, and I think that’s a good way of saying that a lot of interesting things are also done in bikes at the level of popular culture and we are avant-garde. We are undoubtedly: here are things that have not only been commercially successful but also cultural revolutions like Rosalia herself or my contribution to the album. madrillenianWhich is considered one of the most important in the last ten years.

you made a song before i die, when Rosalia and C. Tangana were a couple. What is going through your mind when you hear this?

It has a great theme and a great song, and as such it will stand the test of time. And above all it feels like a milestone to me because it is the first song in the urban world that managed to cross Mainstream And be a part of popular culture.


“what’s up baby”

Anime Per Davant Al Sud de la Ciut/Vosaltres Sonu Avorits I Stretch / I will bring Castefa Three Grammys a l’Anne/Rosalia i Estopa Son del Baix Lobreguet/Uh, uh-uh, uh-uh/sock un chony, un ignant. / A Xernego de periferia / Uh, uh-uh, uh-uh / Rodalis feta merda / A endrock no m poden veur / que pasa nan, astique content / Les cultural elites so nosaltres tambe / que pasa nan, astique content / Alcaldesa c US Plau, Posey m A memorial/anime per davant al suds de la siut/Vosaltres Sonu Avorits Eye Stretch/
I will bring Castfa three Grammys from l’any/Rosalía and Estopa are from Baix Llobregat/Anem per davant al sud de la ciutat/Vosaltres soneu avorrits i Stretch/I will bring Castfa three Grammys from l’any/Rosalía and Estopa are Baix Llobregat / Do not misunderstand, there is no language / There is no language for Gisona / Embraced Cal Ariel, avant-garde / But I feel the channel, the second Catalan / Burgessia intel • Lecture can menger-me la pol- / Tranquilles soc Un bon nan, the alarm ain’t on / I spend the day walking and running on the beach / But Oju, if you bother me, I’m also a pimp / Soak the jenny infinity of Zula and Vasil • lante al ceteras /
What’s Up Nan, Astique Content/Les Cultural Elites So Nosaltres Tambe/What’s Up Nan, Astique Content/Alcaldessa Si Us Plau Poisy M Un Monument/Anem Per Davant Al Sud de la Ciut/Vosaltres Sonu Avorites I Stretch/I Will Take Three Castfa Grammys a l’any/Rosalía i Estopa are from Baix Llobregat/Anem per davant al sud de la ciutat/Vosaltres soneu avorrits i stretches/I will bring Castfa Three Grammys a l’any/Rosalía i Estopa which are from Baix Llobregat.

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