Álex Flórez: Petro says that to be a good congressman he must stop being arrogant


This week Álex Flórez returned to Congress after serving a 15-day disability that expired on September 20.

The congressman while intoxicated starred in an embarrassing episode earlier this month in Cartagena. At the entrance of a hotel he insulted policemen and called them “murderers”.

Later he apologized to the uniformed men and was absent from the sessions in the Capitol after an unpaid leave that he requested for the period of his disability. The psychiatrist who evaluated him diagnosed him with a dependency syndrome.

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Various sectors requested his resignation. However, that decision was not made.

Some congressmen of the Historical Pact, a coalition of which Senator Flórez is a member, rejected his actions and even at the time it was said that the members of said movement would make a spiritual retreat to build an ethical code and prevent this type of situation from happening again. happen.

One of those who had not spoken was President Gustavo Petro. In an interview with Noticias Caracol and Blu Radio, when questioned about it, he stated several things.

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The senator of the Historical Pact apologized for the scandal he starred in.


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On the one hand, he pointed out that what Flórez did shows “problems of personality, life and existence that are exacerbated by the silliness that being a parliamentarian gives.”

He pointed out that it also happened to him when he was a congressman, referring to the fact that when parliamentarians come to office “they believe they have reached the stage of power and that is stupidity. There are people who let themselves be defeated by that.”

Finally, he reflected that the senator has a chance. “If you want to be a good parliamentarian, a good politician, you have to get rid of arrogance and machismo. In men it is worse. The parliamentarian is a servant of society.”


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