Alba Vergés kicks out four of Laura Borràs’s six advisers in Parliament


  • The first vice president and the majority of the Board consider that, with the suspended president, only two can continue to exercise their functions

The first vice president with functions of president in the Parliamentthe republican Alba Vergeshas signed the dismissal of four of the advisers of Laura Borras what they were in a limbo since the leader of Junts was suspended last July 28. The two other positions of trust will be integrated in the machinery of the Catalan Chamber, but there has been no agreement with the rest because, despite the fact that the post-convergence considers that legally they should all continue because Borràs has not been dismissed, ERC and the majority of the Table agree that no fit possible one of those with the most political weight.

Thus, as of September 30, the chief of staff, Salvador Esteve; the press officer, Pep Elijah; and the advisers Oriol Izquierdo and Narcís Junquera They will officially cease to be employees of the institution. Initially, ERC had proposed that threethose considered to be closest politically and personally to Borràs, but in the end only the person in charge of management will remain, Elvira Paresand technical advisor Frances Lopezthat within the Table they will be in charge of functions of the presidential cabinet that must continue to be carried out even if the interim in the head of the Chamber is extended, such as secretarial work, review of agendas, preparation of hearings or preparation of acts which hosts the Parliament.

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Parliamentary sources explain that it was put “Will” in exploring a lace for all and that the six affected people were personally spoken to, but the conclusion was that, for reasons of confidence, but also by the functions of each one, “not everything was fittable”especially those more closely linked to the figure of the president. Vergés, who as vice president has two advisersdoes not plan to hire anyone else, since it is not among her plans to represent the institution as if she were the head of the Chamber and she calculates that there will be less institutional acts than with a normally functioning presidency.

Vergés’ decision to dismiss four advisers has the majority support of the Table, but not of Junts or Borràs, who understand that their suspension should not have taken place nor should any of their advisers have been fired, that they didn’t want to resign either. Those dismissed will not have the right to compensation, but they could be hired again if Borràs returns to the presidency because there is no conviction or if a new president of Junts demands them in the event of a replacement that is not planned for now .

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