Airplane ride over the setting moon?


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In Photos of La Vanguardia Readers We can see well the plane and condensation trails in this image captured in the spectacular thread village of the waning moon at the first dawn of autumn.

Looking at the photo, it looks as if the plane is flying on the moon. The magic of game and perspective is, again, in action.

The Moon has a calendar of four main phases, from new to first quarter, full and final quarter. The waning moon is the interval between the full moon and the new moon. Generally, the phase of the last trimester is referred to.

When the illuminated side of the Moon appears as “C” it is shrinking, as can be seen in the photo. When it looks like a “D” it is rising.

Astronomical autumn began at 03:04 a.m. on Friday, 23 September and will end with the winter solstice at exactly 10:47 a.m. on Wednesday, 21 December.

For their part, condensation trails are snow clouds in the form of long lines, which sometimes arise when an airplane passes due to the condensation of water vapor contained in engine emissions.

in great shape

The aircraft and the setting moon as seen from Gavi.

Xavi Kabo

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