Airline TAP . Portuguese President Rebelo de Sousa’s personal data leaked after cyber attack


Portugal’s President Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa revealed this Friday that his personal information Computers leaked as a result of an attack by a Portuguese airline in August tap,

in a brief statement from Portuguese PresidencyIt is reported that President Rebelo de Sousa “Caution is taken immediately“What was not known about the only piece of information was its digital address.

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“For the rest –Full name, date of birth and residence– they were already known”, he settled. According to various Portuguese media, Rebelo de Sousa’s personal data is not the only one that has been exposed, various ministers and leaders including the Director of the Information Services Security (SIS) , Adilio Nieva da Cruz.

Last August a group of hackers known as Ragnar Locker The Portuguese airline TAP was attacked, revealing personal data of some of its customers’ names and residences, email addresses, dates of birth and passenger numbers.

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