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NEW DELHI: air indian has asked its cabin crew to wear minimal jewelry to avoid “any delays at customs and security checks”. They have also been told not to “visit the duty free shops” and to proceed to the gate after completing immigration and security checks so that flights are not delayed. Cabin crew have also been advised not to consume drinks or food before or during boarding of guests and to help board and seat guests quickly.
Since major changes, such as new aircraft and/or upgraded cabin interiors, will take time, the Tata Group has started rolling out two changes that can make flyers feel the difference right away: improving AI’s on-time performance or prosecution (not a strong point of the airline in recent years) and improved food service.
Consequently, the AI on board The service department on Sunday issued an advisory to cabin crew members to improve the OTP regarding “strict adherence” to reporting times. “…to maintain the OTP on all flights in the network and avoid delays due to cabin crew”, the crew have been asked to proceed to immigration (at remote stations) as soon as they complete billing procedures.
“Cabin crew should not wait for the captain at the check-in counter/motion control (at the external station) and head to the aircraft ahead of time. (They) must adhere to uniform regulations with an emphasis on minimal jewelry wear to avoid delays at customs and security checks,” he says.
Cabin crew should not visit duty-free shops and proceed to the departure gate shortly after completing security and immigration checks. Once on board, the cabin crew must only use the elements of the PPE kit that are required to be used according to the latest circular (head and foot protectors have been removed) in the shortest possible time and complete the mandatory checks before/well within the prescribed times. Do not delay the mandatory pre-flight check clearance that may be attributable to cabin crew,” it adds.
Cabin supervisors have been requested to authorize boarding for ground staff before or within the prescribed time frames and not to delay the boarding of guests for reasons attributable to the cabin crew.
“The cabin attendant You must not delay the closing of the door due to any activity that may be attributable to the cabin crew. Any deviation from the above should be mentioned in the flight/cockpit supervisors report with the reasons for the deviation,” he says.


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