After the Ukraine Summit, by Rafael Vilasanjuan


now that first NATO summit since invasion of ukraine Remains in memory, how to read the conflict from what was agreed upon? The identity of the Immaculate Organization will remain in the retina; There is a sense of unity with Putin’s attack. There are no signs of break-up, on the contrary, in the face of danger, the alliance strengthens. Let no one doubt it, the determination to strengthen the military union of all these countries and to deter the aggressor has been shown uninterrupted. roadmap to signal More arms consignments to Ukraine And deploying nearly 300,000 troops to seal a line to the west and flexing so much muscle that the Kremlin refrained from thinking there might be a move forward. But what will happen in Ukraine?

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Agreement to continue sending arms is not enough President Zelensky’s will. There will be more, including short-range missiles, anti-aircraft tanks and equipment against chemical and biological attacks, as well as thousands of hours of military training for a volunteer force. More ammunition, but not so much or so strategic that the war gets out of control. In fact, there is no crack, after The Buka Massacre and the Horrors of Putin’s Criminal Methods Even the most reticent believe that aggression should not be allowed to continue. But the deal may end here.

NATO does not want a long war, Not so much because of what this means for military spending, which is going to increase the financial stress of the finance ministries in all European countries for the benefit of the defense ministries, but because As the war lasts, supplies are scarce, transportation prohibitive, and the economy and trade slow. At the same rate that it did during the worst of the pandemic. For this reason Madrid has no idea how to negotiate with Russia these days, despite the consensus. so much that If Putin offered a ceasefire today, it would cause a failure in the coalition Between those who believe, like Great Britain or the countries of the East, that Ukraine is only a battleground between Putin and Europe, or those who, like Italy, Germany or France, would prefer a negotiated solution – which includes some sessions Huh-. For now, this debate has been put aside. These days of harsh summer in Madrid have not made presidents and leaders sweat profusely, but the conclusions that have been transferred to the battlefield mean little. For Ukraine, the message is only one of prevention, to defend inch by inch with weapons, but without the possibility of attacking and recovering occupied lands. With the differences between this strategy and that of allies, We can assure that the war will continue into the summer Only with the hope that the breakdown in the Russian countryside would at some point make it possible to negotiate. In other words, even if NATO shows muscle on the Ukrainian border, Inside this war initiative will be in Putin’s hands, Despite the peak.

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