After scandal, IDB board recommends sacking of Clever-Caron


executive board of Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) this Thursday recommended, and unanimously, Remove bank president Mauricio Clever-CaronAfter an independent investigation concluded that the officer was probably heldor a romantic relationship with a subordinate And in doing so violated various ethical standards of the institution.

According to multiple sources consulted by this newspaper and which was also reported in the international media, the Executive Board made up of 14 members representing the 48 IDB shareholder countries took the decision after a closed-door meeting, in which Clever- Caron attended. ,

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The investigation was done by the firm David Polk, Which was tasked with investigating after an unnamed source denounced Clever-Caron’s relationship with a senior adviser. Which he would have promoted twice.

The adviser, who is of Colombian descent, had already worked with the official from his years in the White House under the Donald Trump administration and was brought to the IDB when Clever-Caron won the election in the summer of 2020.

Since the report was given, the bank’s board had met thrice to evaluate it and decide the fate of the chairman.

The final decision on the removal of the chairman will be passed to the Board of Governors.The IDB is made up of 48 finance heads (ministers) from the countries that each vote on their shareholding power.

According to sources, the voting will open from this Friday and will end on Tuesday of next week.

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Mauricio Clever-Caron, President of IDB.


Carlos Ortega / TIME

Undoubted, Clever-Caron’s fate largely depends on what the United States decides to do, which held 30 percent shares in itself. But judging by earlier statements made by Treasury Department spokesmen this Thursday, his fate is decided.

A source in this department said, “President Clever refused to cooperate with the investigation and created an atmosphere of fear and retaliation among IDB officials, partner countries. Therefore, he has lost the confidence of his shareholders and sought a change of leadership.” needed.”

One of the things that causes the most blisters internally at IDB is the exorbitant salary paid to consultants promoted by Clever.

The officers arrived at the bank with a salary of about $290,000 a year (1,200 million pesos). But in less than two years she was promoted twice and today earns $420,000. (about 1,700 million pesos).

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According to the Davis Polk firm’s report, whose material was leaked to the press, although there is no “direct evidence” of the romance, it says there are signs of that relationship.

Just like thatsays that both Clever-Caron and the consultant refused to cooperate with the investigationSomething required by the IDB Regulations.

According to Davis Polk, who cited more than 10 IDB employees in their investigation, none of them allowed the company to check the phones given to them to verify text messages sent or their email accounts. .

The report said the lack of cooperation could be interpreted as “circumstantial evidence of an intimate relationship”.

I do not confirm to the press the false and anonymous allegations made against me or IDB employees

According to the Axios portal, according to witnesses cited in the investigation, Clever-Caron may have promised to “destroy the bank” for the sake of the investigation.

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officer, who was reluctantly employed by the administration of the President Donald Trump At the end of his term, he has categorically denied the relationship.

By convention, the presidency of the IDB was always in the hands of Latin Americans, just as the World Bank is headed by an American and the International Monetary Fund for a European.

Despite this, Trump used his economic power in the bank (he owns 30 percent of its shares) to promote Clever-Caron, with support from other countries such as Brazil and Colombia.

Sergio Gomez Masseri
time correspondent

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