After a father tells his son’s teacher that he’s not going to get anywhere in life: “I give lessons”


The first lessons in life are learned in school, but also at home and on the road. he is What a father wanted to explain to his son’s teacher, That I have been hearing in the class for a year that if it continues like this, you will not get anywhere. And this message has gone viral.

The teenager herself said this in this Thursday Twitterexplaining that his father I sent an email to the teacher To tell her to stop criticizing her son’s behavior. his words Post Collect over 38,000 likes and 3,000 retweets.

The young tweeter (whose name is Shinobu on the social network) wrote, “A teacher told me I was worthless for a whole year and my father decided to write him an email.” Adding a picture of the text.

The man addressed the professor as “a man who was once young”, inviting him to reflect on his adolescence as well: “Not everything in life is to be read. Fernando is a young man of 18 years and there are some things in life that are learned by trial and error”.

The young man’s father is not particularly proud of certain behaviors, such as “Don’t study hard, party, drink alcohol, and don’t smoke marijuana.”

However, he says that he prefers his son to practice social skills and develop as a person. ,The lesson is given by me, not by you.” It is finished.

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