Adara Molinero’s Shocking Change in the Style of Aitana Okanas


the bangs aitana okana This is undoubtedly one of the most iconic edges in Spain. However, a new competition has arisen for the singer’s cut from Sant Clemente del Llobregat: the new ‘look’ of adira miller, The influencer has left his followers speechless in recent hours with his shocking makeover. since its inception in elder brother 17 In 2019, the television company didn’t leave its comfort zone in terms of its hairstyle, but this time it surprised its followers by radically changing its hair color and cut. And how could it be otherwise, the reactions have not taken long to come.

“I’m going to the hairdresser and I’m very nervous, because I’ve been thinking about doing a pretty drastic change in ‘look’ for days,” said the 29-year-old, who looked distraught. Because of this comment, knowing her, her followers thought she would cut off highlights or her ends. Especially considering that since his debut on television more than six years ago, he had never changed his image.

Adara Molinero in ‘Big Brother’ with her long dark hair


The truth is that Samaira achieved maximum expectation through her Instagram profile, where she has more than 821,000 followers. “If I don’t like it, nothing happens”, “Oh my god, you can’t imagine it”, “I haven’t changed my appearance like this over the years,” he said, telling his loyal followers more and more. while attracting. As the hours went by through her Instagram stories, Adara managed to gradually increase the ‘hype’.

“If I don’t like it, nothing happens, hair grows out,” she tried to convince herself that change was going to be good, yes or yes, something that was actually going to happen at the barber. former partner of Hugo Sierra, And it is that Adara has changed her hair color, she has cut more than 15 cm’ and she has also put bangs in pure Aitana Okana style. Dare to change the ‘looks’ of the most daring people ever since their careers on television and social networks.

Adara Molinero has radically changed her hairstyle

Adara Molinero has radically changed her hairstyle

Instagram / adara_molinero

Since we met her back in 2016, Adara has always worn her long, straight hair in dark colors that range from jet black to brown or even copper tones. A characteristic image of oneself. Everything very subtle, without too much risk. Something that is in stark contrast to the new image that Elena Rodriguez’s daughter wears. For this reason, when the young woman started sharing pictures of her freshly cut hair on the living room floor, no one believed what was happening.

After several hours with her stylist, deciding what to do and her new transformation, the young woman was encouraged to share the results with her virtual family. A new image that succeeded. “Take it now,” said Oriana Marzoli. “Brutal”, sentenced Nia Correa. “It’s crazy,” assures Raquel Ritux. For her part, Annabel Pantoja was also full of praise. “Beautiful, everything suits you, Jewel,” she said.

But not only recognized faces surrendered to the new image of Molinero. His followers were fascinated and it didn’t take long for him to become like the other characters. “I’m hallucinating… unbelievable, you’re gorgeous, no, next thing,” said one follower. “Cleopatra, is that you?” Another compared the girl to the famous Egyptian pharaoh. “It looks like Aetana,” cried another, who made her look like a Catalan singer. “Whatever you do, always beautiful,” said another follower.

He has dared, and in the end wins. Adara couldn’t be more proud of her decision. “New look. I love it. I was so scared, but now I’m so happy. Do you like it?” he asked on Instagram. “Buah, you don’t know how I like my new hair, it scares me!!”, she wrote on Twitter, where her big makeover in just over an hour has already become a ‘trending topic’. A haircut that just couldn’t be better for you, and that coincides with the start of a new phase in your new home.

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