Adam Gilchrist criticizes Cricket Australia for painting Justin Langer as a ‘monster’


Former Australia goalkeeper Adam Gilchrist launched a scathing attack on Cricket Australia on Monday, saying the board had portrayed former head coach Justin Langer as a “freak”. Langer, who was appointed as head coach in the wake of the 2018 ball-tampering scandal, resigned from his position on Saturday.

“I’m not interested in hearing any more corporate talk about the transition and analysis of the coaching position and everything that needs analysis, requirements and evolution,” Gilchrist said on ‘SEN Radio.’

“That’s just covering up that the players and certain support staff from that team have spoken out and they don’t want Justin there anymore. Some people in particular have painted him as a monster, that’s not Justin Langer.” Gilchrist, who also played alongside Langer, said the former Test starter was the type of person who would recognize his weaknesses.

“He will be the first to admit that he has his weaknesses, he has his weak areas, but gosh, he will sit down and look you in the eye and work it out with you.

“So to be painted as a monster, what kind of effect would that have on you personally and what is the flow effect on your family and the people closest and dearest to you? Langer, who guided Australia to their first T20 World Cup title and Ashes’ dominant win, was keen to continue in his role but faced months of complaints from veteran players about his rigid coaching style and, more recently, , by an uncompromising CA board of directors.

The 51-year-old wanted to sign a new long-term contract, but CA only wanted to keep him until the end of the T20 World Cup 2022 in Australia.

“I’m not inside that camp so I can’t question whether they mean well or not, I’m sure they mean well from the way they see it.

“But this (CA) board, I just can’t believe someone on that board didn’t stand up in the meeting, and they may have, and said, ‘Wait, what are the optics going to look like? in this first of all? “What is the public going to think after what we asked Justin to do, and really, do we think we should give that decision back to the group that we found ourselves in the same situation four years ago?

“I think it’s pretty reckless and some of the decision-making over a long period of time has been driven by greed and it really boggles my mind.”

In his resignation letter, Langer apologized but emphasized that he values ​​”honesty, respect, trust, truth and performance,” but some people might have taken that as “too intense” in his work style.

“I think he put it perfectly in his resignation letter, honesty, respect, trust, truth performance. And then, unfortunately, he felt a compelling need to say if that’s been the problem, I’m sorry, it’s the foundation that he’s basing his life on,” Gilchirst said.

Gilchrist said he was astounded by CA’s “stir and burn” mentality and its inability to consider the “cost in a human being.”

“It’s done, the players know they have to deal with that going forward now with whoever fills that role permanently, and they may as well sit back a year from now and say, ‘Look, we did it, we got the results.’ but the cost to one human being and one family and the method by which everyone has done this, yet Cricket Australia and the board, it just amazes me.

“The personal capital and human capital that are prepared to churn and burn is extraordinary.”


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