Adam Duritz: ‘It’s impossible to be a rock star now’


talk to Pawn From Warsaw, another stop on the band’s tour, which they have led for over thirty years. There is a speaking Adam Duritz and combo for which he is lead singer and main songwriter, Counting Crows.

The Californian formation, the undisputed reference to the American rock scene since their debut album released in 1993 – is also famous for recording themes accidentally in Love to film shrek 2– Will land in Barcelona this Monday 26 (Room Razzmataz 1, 9 PM).

They will do it as part of a tour for their latest album. Butter miracle. suite one And after being postponed due to the pandemic. It debuted in Tel Aviv a few weeks ago and the band proved to be in great shape.

What can be heard in Barcelona?

Don’t know, the set changes every night, and we played for about two hours. Of course, we totally rewatched his latest album Butter miracle. suite one, At a time, it goes on for 18 minutes without stopping and is always in that order.

In their Tel Aviv concert repertoire, the final encore was Spain Vacations and the only version is big yellow taxi by Joni Mitchell.

Yes, Spain is fundamental in our careers, above all because of the vibrations it transmits and because they are cities that are open. Plus, it’s one of the countries we’ve always found feedback Great. Spain and Italy are our favorite destinations when we come to Europe. and referring to big yellow taxi, Well, because this is one of the versions that has worked the most for us all these years. I like to do them, even with hip hop pieces, and in this case

what are the songs from the band’s latest album, Butter miracle. suite one,

Those songs are how I feel; There is probably a message in them but I was not aware of it while writing them. I just wanted the songs to flow, the songs match the sounds… that was the main priority.

But when you started writing them, what was your starting point?

Well, the truth is, I wasn’t particularly interested in writing new music. It’s something that I’ve been experiencing over the years, specifically, I mean, I’m excited to do live and touring and I think part of it is because I’ve realized that the music Getting started is getting harder and harder. The trend, to get it to the masses, is at least what Counting Crows does. But when I started writing again I realized I needed that music to reach people.

Another image of American musician


The difficulty you talk about in getting the music out there has essentially to do with its distribution, with the weight of the record companies.

We never let ourselves be subjected to record companies when creating our music and hence how our albums were made. never. The real problem with them is that they don’t know how to do their job, they have few plans and ways to work with a certain gear. But luckily you can now distribute your music through other channels, through platforms, for example through Apple Music.

No problem?

Yes, it’s now easier to create your own music and deliver it to the people who want to listen to it. You can make your own music at home, although we can’t because we need a studio to play together, but in general it’s a lot more affordable. On the other hand, it is very difficult to be a rock star like never before, and above all, the fact that no one wants to pay for music, art.


We never subjected ourselves to record companies when creating our music; The real problem with them is that they don’t know how to do their job.

And he wrote them practically isolated, far from the United States, in the countryside, in England. And before the pandemic.

Yes, we went to a farm in the English countryside, I was with my family, my girlfriend, but most of the time I was alone, with some dogs. And that gave me a huge impetus to rewrite… and in fact when the actual imprisonment came I already had eighty percent of the album written. I spent this imprisonment in the United States

Coronavirus has also separated him from the stage. Are you?

In a weird way, starting with the fact that it’s been away from live for the longest time since I was little… the last time I think of it was two years ago in January. But it has been an experience that has served to realize the importance of your life, your health, the people closest to you, and finally you return to the great concerts you have to offer. And I have experienced it as a great reward.

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