According to Cronenberg, ‘crimes of the future’, or surgery is the new gender


21 movies later, David Cronenberg is back in future crimes. For the title of its first production of 1970, not for its content, although there are ideas that are repeated, adapted, born from a body, in this case a film work, to finish. – Key words of Canadian cinema – mutated.

in the first future crimesA man’s body created mysterious new organs, complex, perfect and unique. And as soon as one was surgically removed, a new one emerged. “He claims that his body is a galaxy and that his new beings are the solar system,” it was said. It was a new form of creative cancer. in new future crimes, Surgery is the new sex.

Art’s limitations, if any, They are exposed from within and outside by Cronenberg. internally, in the story itself, with those Exhibition of Heroes with public and applause in alternate and specific rooms, with Viggo Mortensen Characters And Lee Seydoux shows his organs mutated and the surgery to replace them live. Avant-garde shows within a story that, in the same way, create an outlier of Cronenberg, which, to the public (or, at least, to a certain type of audience), seeks to articulate itself as provocative. Appeals to and sensationalist work and sentiments outside any traditionalism.

(alleged) wake-up call from director In the story about climate change is presented through a secret society that prepares a revolution. Its members are able to feed on plastic. Our contemporary garbage as a future option. Now there is no room for recycling, only for food sustenance. Brilliant as a Kind of Soylent Green Cookies when fate reaches us (1973), founded in 2022!, however, replaces that mysterious synthetic food with dustbins or scrubbing buckets that bite into bites. However, it is very likely that environmentalism is not what is of most interest to the almost octogenarian writer.

From beginning to end, the film is configured as the distillate of his New Flesh cinema and his particular passion, which was exercised by him before. future crimes, 1970’s with your evergreen voice off, his words, his garb of clever and unhealthy ideas and his still raw narrative, and even this new future crimes of 2022. Mutations of the body, distortions of science, anomalies of society. The psychic wrath of a woman who bore her children with tumors chromosome 3; the transformation of thought into a physical object, whether matter or motion, in scanner; With a new existence inside a television, return to the maternal womb, in videodrome; Siamese twins inseparable, Doctors specializing in female infertility, and their awesome medical equipment; Artistic process as a disease naked lunch; Scars and sexual attraction with mechanical prostheses crash; Virtual reality game involving human aperture Existenzed.

All of the above, in one way or another, are future crimes. Sex is associated with torture. Art as torture. A creator, Cronenberg’s persistence in opening his audience’s mind to the point of turning it into the toys of his imagination. mutation of human evolution, as neonire erotic and damning, illuminated by the blood red color of its female lead dress. Cinema for irritation and pain.

future crimes

Know: David Cronenberg.

Interpreters: Viggo Mortensen, Lee Seydoux, Kristen Stewart, Scott Speedman.

gender: Science fiction. Canada, 2022.

Duration: 107 minutes.

Premiere: 23 September.

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