AAR: “Without good management quality in the public sector, things will never get ahead in Peru”


The Presidency of the Council of Ministers (PCM), through Ministerial Resolution 254-2022, announced reforms in the National Civil Service Authority (Servir). For this reason, the journalist Augusto Alvarez Rodrich held an interview with former Defense Minister Núria Sparchwho created said system in Peru and explained what this new norm is about.

“This new regulation is a continuation of the resolution that came out a few months ago and sought to assign Servir to the Ministry of Labor, a measure that fortunately did not prosper. This commission has a series of problems, starting with the fact that they did not consult or make part of its composition Serve. That doesn’t make any sense.”

Sparch also stated that one of the intentions of this reform is to include new workers: “What you see is an intention to manipulate the board of directors. The best example is that within the resolution it is said that members of civil society can eventually be summoned. That means that they want to incorporate workers.”

In addition, it issued a series of recommendations to the PCM to try to demonstrate that this new regulation is a setback: “It is important to be aware that Serve at the table, because there is a wealth of 14 years of information and work that should not only be consulted like a book, but also be active members of the commission”.

In this situation, Alvarez Rodrich concluded that it is necessary to have quality in the public sector so that everything works correctly for the development of Peru: “Without good management quality in the public sector, things are never going to get ahead in Peru. That must be corrected, improved and never stop making it noticeable so that the Government does it well”.

“Russia is losing to Ukraine”

At the international level, Augusto Alvarez Rodrich He called it great news that Russia is losing its war against Ukraine: “Great news is coming out, Russia is losing the war and Putin has made a dramatic call for an additional 300,000 troops. The Russian army is dire and they have had to take people out of jail to make them soldiers, and they are losing.

In addition, he highlighted that potential allies, such as China, India and Turkey, have been against the invasion, in addition to the Russian population, which intensified its protests to stop the war: “The fear is that, in their desperation, Putin press the red button and initiate a nuclear attack. It is unlikely, but when dictators are on the ropes they can commit these barbarities, ”he concluded.

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