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NEW DELHI: In the first step towards cooperation between Tata Group airlines, air indian (AI) and Air Asia India (AAIPL) will accept domestic passengers from each other in case the flights of one of the airlines are interrupted for any reason. The two have signed a two-year “interline considerations on irregular operations” (IROP) agreement that is valid until February 9, 2024, to offer “the first alternative flights available to minimize inconvenience to passengers”. The oldest of 7 years AAIPL So far it does not have any international passenger flights.
After taking control of AI and AI Express late last month, the Tata Group now has four airlines in its fold. Given the new owner’s determination to improve AI’s on-time performance or punctuality, the February 10, 2022 agreement specifically says that Air lndia’s departure “should not be affected due to the acceptance of stranded passengers” from AAIPL.
“Carriage of passengers will be on an ‘as available’ basis as determined by the airport manager of the accepting airline. The decision of the accepting airline shall be final as to seat availability… The franchise of baggage of the transferring airline, as shown on the transferring airline’s original ticket, will apply to passengers accepted by the accepting airline. Any excess baggage not purchased will be charged,” the agreement says.


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