A woman’s finger gets stuck in the toilet button to prevent her nails from breaking. viral video


via TIC Toc Thousands of users have seen unusual facts Some of the ones that are constantly going viral in the popular social networks are can not believeWhile others seem so everyday that it can happen to anyone.

Like this one user shared fun experience That she experienced upon visiting her friend, because when she got home, she decided to go to the bathroom without thinking that it would ruin her plans.

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The police reached the house to help the woman. , Photo: TikTok @selenadachsdante

it was through a short clip In which the woman told what happened when she tried to press the toilet button to remove the water, which she did by bending her index finger. avoid breaking nailstechniques used by some women long nails,

“As soon as I got to my friend, I went to the bathroom and when I tried to flush the chain, it stuck. fond Button on finger HAHAHAHAHA” he wrote in the video.

The situation was complicated, as they could not remove the button. , Photo: TikTok @selenadachsdante

He also said that if he tried to take it out, risk To break it, plus I felt very pain, came minutes later policeman: “The only thing he did was take a picture Hahaha to laugh at work the next day” added the young woman.

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By that time, the woman had managed to get her finger out of the toilet, thanks to help the doorman of the building, but now he could not take back above Of.

The woman’s finger was intact. , Photo: TikTok @selenadachsdante

eventually, anesthetized woman to be able to remove the button without feeling any more pain, In the other pictures you can see how it only has one BandagePlus her nails looked impeccable and she ended the video with some humour”at least we got the button back Laughing out loud”.

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