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Allow me to borrow a play on words I saw at the Gran Wyoming event on La Sexta: heritage Of convenience. controversy spread by the chairman of Andalusian governmentJayEuan Manuel Moreno BonillaBy declaring 100% bonus on wealth taxas does Madrid community, It fits like a ring on the finger.

Again taxes serve as electoral claim, And without any debate and analysis tax system completely and without regional financing model, expired in 2014, is renewed. And, of course, without talking about the other side of the coin: public services financing, Because if income goes down, it’s normal that expenses will be cut.

With the patrimony measure, some taxpayers benefit, but with marketing that is committed to cutting taxes. And this is, at least initially, to the detriment of the majority, waiting for this profit to bear these perceived fruits in the form of attracting more capital and, therefore, more collections. It remains to be seen what happens at a time when the economy is losing gas.

In response, the government has revived a levy great luck Plans of a temporary nature, such as those for banking or energy companies, were sought by United We Can at the time.

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It would be more appropriate to consider the tax system as a whole, sectoral financing and compare tax pressure Spanish with other countries, or at least with the countries we want to resemble. According to Eurostat data for 2020 (latest comparison), the share of total assets was 37.5%, for example, compared to 41.7% in the euro area. President Pedro Sanchez Advocating from New York to first discuss which welfare state we want to set the required income for. And that’s not without reason.

It is true that an inheritance tax rarely exists outside Spain, but a calm and global debate is needed. The rest are offers of interest and convenience (electoral).

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