A US aircraft carrier arrived in South Korea to “disappoint” Pyongyang



In the face of repeated weapons tests by North Korea, it is the first show of force in nearly five years

US aircraft carrier reached South Korea for maneuverWorld

an aircraft carrier America docked on friday South Korea In a show of strength for the first time in nearly five years, Pyongyang faced repeated weapons tests.

plane carrier ship USS Ronald ReaganPowered by nuclear power, and docked at the port of Busan (South) as part of its fleet of attack ships SAIL and Washington plan to operate more US assets in the area,

“The deployment of the USS Ronald Reagan aircraft carrier in Busan demonstrates its strength South Korea and the United States Alliance“, a South Korean Defense Ministry official told AFP.

The trip seeks to “prevent missile and nuclear threats”. North KoreaI said.

Pyongyang officials deployed a chain Weapons test record this year And this month he reformed his laws to authorize a deterrent nuclear strike in the event of a threat to the country.

American ships docked in Busan are to conduct joint exercises with South Korean forces on the country’s east coast. The involvement of the nuclear powered submarine USS Annapolis.

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