A tropical cyclone is approaching south of the Canary Islands


In recent times, tropical atlantic activity and subtropical growth. There are now two active tropical cyclones: Billsa tropical storm, and fionaa significant Category 4 hurricane, Additionally, three very probable waves are also being monitored as they could lead to new tropical cyclones in the coming days.

The most dangerous is in the Caribbean and can generate a strong hurricane, although the most unusual is near Cape Verde and will go on canary islands with a high probability of developing in the next 48 hoursAs stated by an expert Victor Gonzalez the climate,

While it is not strange that a wave eventually moves like this, what is unusual is that it has the potential to develop and become a tropical cyclone, This a. is due to the presence of cold ocean current for the common presence of and around the African coast in the south Sahara’s dry airwhich prevents convection.

In this case, requirements are given so that it can be developed and according to National Hurricane Center is likely to 70% to become a tropical cyclone in the next 48 hours.

For now, the most likely situation is that the system shuts off its circulation during Friday, becoming a tropical depressionAnd during the weekend it will start moving north, intensifying the process and turning into a tropical storm.

in the first days of the week will be located in the southwest of the Canary IslandsWhere it will interact with a trough, it will lose strength and tropical characteristics.

What is a Pre?

There is a low probability, below 20%, that the potential system will reach the Canary Islands as a tropical cyclone; However, it may be that the archipelago suffers Eastalso known as AndThe vent of the preceding rainfall.

this rain they are fast, usually Convectives are associated with, but not part of, a tropical cyclone.

PRE gives rise to intense rainfall like the cyclone to which they are associated


PRE originates from damp and the kinetic force which is t. generatestropical storms or hurricanes with which they are associated, When air mass circulation of tropical origin is related to latitudes Higher up, it can form a volatile region with abundant convection and can be very efficient at precipitation.

high impact event

It is difficult to make a reliable prediction in the Canary Islands. is thatThere are lovers and strong windsin particular westernmost islandsHowever, wind will not be the most important event, as the cyclone is not expected to affect the islands.

The most likely condition is that a potential tropical storm remains southwest of the Canary Islands and the associated ERP develops south of the western islands, with a high probability of impacting the archipelago.

Any change in the state of the system indicates a significant change in prediction. Nevertheless, it should be noted that this type of scenario can leave the accumulation above 100 ltr/m2 in 24 hours and should be observed carefully.

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