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Mr. Principal:

In his intervention before the United Nations, President Petro made important points, some of which have been raised in other scenarios. But what they say has more global resonance and is valuable. We are losing the fight against drugs, as the President said, there is no doubt about it. Colombia has in fact paid dearly for this crisis in life, in security, in family tragedies caused by consumption, in ecological damage, in large amounts invested and in loss of values ​​including the honor of life.

But, as long as there is consumption there is business, and the bigger the business, the more people will be involved; More when there is hunger and lack of opportunities. So the fight is for everyone, the government and the international community. What they need to do is sit beyond ideologies to study ways to help them medically and socially, in addition to reducing the mafia and fighting poverty, to combat this public health problem. Unfortunately it’s a long job, but it doesn’t wait.

Angel Maria Aguilari

shared responsibilities

Mr. Principal:

Brilliant that soon, and thanks to the mayor’s office, Bogotá will finally have shared public bicycle service. But it would be worth asking what kind of rules or regulations users of this service must follow, as cyclists in the capital do not follow any rules, signs or restrictions, nor are they allowed to use self-protection. feel bound to, such as a helmet or reflective vest. In addition to the fact that the furniture for this new service either takes up space from pedestrians on the platform or narrows the driveway for motor vehicles. Ignoring the fact that many homeowners have adapted their bikes to that kind of ‘moped’, which is nothing more than a light motorcycle that pollutes the environment and operates more quickly, this With the danger that it is necessary for everyone, so as not to lose the freedom that skateboards and electric motorcycles move at their own pace through bike paths and bike paths. Yes to modernity, but with respect to the rights and obligations of citizens, with civic and urbanism.

May Monroe

Concerts in Bogota

Mr. Principal:

On Friday the 16th and Saturday the 17th, separate concerts were held in the two most prestigious venues for such events, namely the Movistar Arena and the El Campin Stadium, where artists such as Silvestre Dangonda, Ricardo Arjona, Dua Lipa, Coldplay . Duki, among others, had the opportunity to share with an audience of approximately 54,000 people at various locations.

The capital had foreign visitors as well as people from different cities who traveled to Bogotá to enjoy their favorite singers. This, undoubtedly, is conducive to the tourism of Bogota and the improvement of its hotel quality, as well as an opportunity for the city to entice people to get to know and enjoy its activities, as it is a country is the center of. , Hopefully it will continue down this path and strive to improve safety and maneuverability as well. Young people need entertainment scenarios.

John Nicholas Macias Rosa

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