A simulator predicts what a nuclear war between Russia and NATO will look like


in large quantity 90 million dead and injured within a few hours there is tremendous balance that a fictional nuclear conflict among NATO and Russia. A Dangerous Scenario That Has Gained More Power After Threats Russian President Vladimir Putin about the rise in conflict that sustains it Ukraine. This figure has been picked up by researchers Princeton University, in the United States, from simulation and “to raise awareness of the impact of this type of scenario”.

in an audiovisual recording titled ‘Plan A’, Researchers talk about Results for “destructive & rdquo; After analyzing the combat capability of the powers involved in the activation of nuclear weapons.

“Disastrous Situation”

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The analysis included the global situation of the countries involved, their nuclear objectives, and forecasts of each power’s responses to this scenario. “The situation will be horrifying and rdquo, emphasized Alex Glaser, one of the authors of this simulation, who has highlighted that currently The risk is minimal.

“This will happen most serious crisis from the end of Cold War”, The people responsible for the simulation are outlined.

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