A prisoner charged with stabbing a security guard in Olivela


Mosos d’Esquadra A man was arrested this Friday for allegedly trying to attacking and attacking a security guard with an ax Municipality of the city of Barcelona, ​​​​Olivela.

Agents received a notice yesterday, Thursday night at around 9:00, that “there was a argument between a man and a woman in a local house” and when they were tried to separate, the woman allegedly threw herself at the security guards.


The man “took advantage when the guards were with the woman”, broke into her house and Potentially came out with a weapon to try to attack For one of the employees of the Municipal Corporation.

At the same time, the security guards sprayed security spray on the man and the man fled and entered his house.

Mossos d’Esquadra, after knowing the facts, has launched an investigation and is This Friday the woman was arrested for the alleged offense of assault the guards and Man held for suspected attempted murder,

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