A man cut his leg and ended up with flesh-eating bacteria on his skin that killed him


A Scottish man has died at the age of 54 after a leg wound was infected with a rare condition known as “flesh eating disease“, who took his life two days after he experienced severe pain in that area and moved with his wife to a better home.

David Hemmings He tragically died in hospital just days after moving into his new home with his wife Margaret, 52. Everything was going well and the couple were eager and happy to move into their new home with a garden, as their previous residence had many stairs and they were looking for a more accessible location, however, the father of two had to get on his feet. There was a problem in the year and this is where the nightmare would begin.

Motherwell complains after getting keys to her house severe pain in the foot, so his wife decided to take him to Vishav General Hospital on Friday, 16 September. There the doctors recognized that he had a cut in his leg which was already infected.

Two days later, Hemmings’ family was informed that the man was in critical condition and would not be around for long. David’s A. death in hospital from necrotizing fasciitisIn what became known as “carnivorous disease”, his wife then remarked that her husband had hit her feet several times and had once cut himself while carrying boxes from home to car.

After the unfortunate incident, Margaret told in an interview for a local media that her husband was a well-known person and that if anyone needed help, he was the first and he was very kind and GenerousHe was always seen walking his dog and was on the tenants’ committee at Forgewood House.

“Everything is still a shock. He only spent three days in our new home. We will all miss him dearly and everyone who knows him will miss him. It’s a shock to everyone,” after the unfortunate loss. said his widow.

To cover funeral expenses, family opened a page raise money in gofundme,

“He was a great family man, doing everything for his wife and 2 kids. He was offered the front and back doors of the house after struggling to climb the stairs in a top floor apartment. He really wanted to spend time in his garden, says David’s description on GoFundMe.

What is necrotizing fasciitis or “flesh-eating disease” and how is it spread?

There are many types of bacteria thatflesh eating disease“However, expert research reports that streptococcusOr group A streptococci, the most common cause of necrotizing fasciitis.

The most common way for these bacteria to enter the body is through open skin sores, Here are some ways in which it can get inside the body.

  • cut and scrap
  • burns
  • Insect bite
  • puncture wounds
  • surgical wound

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