A Hall of Fame quarterback shares his longevity support routine


“I’ve always been an athlete, but ever since I was twenty-five I started taking my health and wellness seriously. Over the last three years, I’ve really adjusted some things and become more interested in how I could be my best.

“For my physical regimen, I lift weights four days a week. cardio almost every day of the week, but as I’ve learned more and gotten older, I’ve found that recovery is more important than I thought. So I try to be kinder to my body, and some of that awareness comes from my meditation and mindfulness practice. Now I do cardio five days a week and on days off I take long walks to actively recover.

“I’ve also got into yoga, which is really cool for me, because I’m not the best at stretching. When I started doing yoga, I found that while it was certainly physically helpful, I was getting even more benefits for my mind than my body, and I loved it.

“I also do sleeping a high priority“I refuse to set my alarm unless I have to get up for something, and I let my body tell me when it’s ready to get up.”


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