A day with Sachin Tendulkar: Fair four-inning ODI for both teams amid dew factor


Sachin Tendulkar he had once suggested that a four-entry ODI might make the format more interesting. Years later, he says his idea was misunderstood; he wasn’t asking for batsmen to get two chances, but it was a thought intended to make the ODIs a more even contest that didn’t depend on pitch and conditions.

My idea of ​​turning the ODIs into four entries was misunderstood. In general, it was felt that he was asking for two innings of batting for the batsmen, while the idea was to give both teams a fair chance.

It was the case that you got to bat only once; one team only had 10 wickets spread over two innings of 25 overs each. This would give a new meaning to one day cricket. We have to be fair to both teams.

Sachin Tendulkar. (PTI)

In ODI at various times in certain places around the world, it was felt that if you win the toss, you have won the game unless you bat very poorly. The main reason is the dew factor.

My idea was for both teams to bowl 25 overs in dry conditions and also bowl 25 overs each in wet conditions. So in this case, winning the toss was possibly a 60 percent advantage and not a 90 percent advantage. A lot of times in ODIs it’s not skill vs. skill, sometimes it’s skill vs. the other team’s ability to adapt to the conditions.

Sometimes it was the case of bad light and rain. If you remember the 2007 World Cup Final, Sri Lanka was batting Australia in the dark. Take the case of the 2002 Champions Trophy final in Sri Lanka which was affected by rain and lasted two days.

The first time Sri Lanka batted first, they played all 50 overs. We bat for 15 overs [2 overs] and the rain interrupted the game. So in total we played 65 overs [52 overs]. The next day Sri Lanka again batted for 50 overs and we batted about 12 overs. [8.4 overs]. Again, it was a rain-interrupted game and both teams were declared joint winners. Whereas in reality in two days we had played close to 125 overs [110.4 overs]. So in case we had 25 overs each, both teams would have planned accordingly.


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