6 Sleep-Promoting Desserts That Won’t Spike Your Blood Sugar


Look, everyone has a circadian rhythm, an internal clock that tells the body when to get up and when to rest. When the sun comes out, your body is ready to be active. When the sun goes down, your body is also preparing to relax. This is one of the reasons why nighttime cravings need to be controlled with desserts to sleep that will not interrupt this natural cycle.

Unfortunately, most of the sweets you reach for after dinner don’t promote sleep. Rather, they can clog it. For example, most chocolates contain small amounts of caffeine, and for those who are sensitive to the stimulant, a few squares might be enough to disrupt sleep. And while milk can promote good sleepstore-bought ice creams and other dairy desserts packed with sweeteners will raise blood sugar and get in the way of high-quality sleep.

The good news is that is possible to have your dessert and sleep too. If you find yourself with a sweet tooth before bed, holistic nutritionist and wellness expert Kelly LeVeque says small portions of blood sugar-balancing foods, including healthy fats, moderate protein and carbohydrates, and non-starchy vegetables, are key. Below, we’ve rounded up some sleep-promoting desserts, including some LeVeque-approved recommendations that are guaranteed to stop a craving dead in its tracks, without jeopardizing a good night’s rest.:


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