50 Cent: Tomorrow’s ‘Hip Hop’ in a Very Modern Fest


iphone and Hip Hop, These are probably the two things that have moved the most over the past decade. And this Hip HopWhat’s more, if we stick with how conservative the latest model launched by the Cupertino firm a few weeks back is. 50 Cent (real name Curtis Jones, born 47 years ago in New York) began in 2003, when there was still no iphone, But, he iPod ruled the planet, get rich or Die Tryin’, a great success which sent nearly a million copies in its launch week (the rapper has sold 30 million albums in his fifteen-year career, and collects 8.5 million in profit last year thanks to bitcoin), Last night, in my presentation Seville Prestigious FestivalSometimes it was inevitable to think that one was facing some earlier version of the operating system, which was Hip Hop, which rediscovers itself and moves at a brutal speed. And that’s not a bad thing. At least not in absolute terms. 50 cents is already royalty Hip Hop, Which means it may sound classic and classic one after the other, but sometimes it gives a similar feel to what symphonic rock groups should have had when they toured in the years after punk.

food stall gourmetRapper, bourgeois, scoundrel and . the atmosphere between influential personA small stage performance an hour before 50 Cent by Japanese-born Huelva’s brilliant young rapper Isi Amane (with DJ ADR), an idyllic atmosphere… in short, an incomparable setting. A full-fledged boutique festival, which becomes an open-air club after concerts and even on nights when there are no events, it opens its doors as a leisure spot. This is an iconic festival.

With DJ Chubby Chubb, a guitarist, a drummer, two rappers (Uncle Yurda and Tani Yayo) for reinforcement and ventilation, and four dancers, 50 Cent completed their first three and most episodic long films in approximately one hour and twenty minutes. Sent. , Pop Smoke, some version of Dr. Dre, Lil’ Kim or Eminem and, at least, four changes of shirts, all well-adjusted to their massive torso, which was a huge hit after performing in Super After the prank was suffered for the alleged overweight. Bowl from last year, looks one of a kind again rock dragon Huge.

“We wanted to bring it, because we believe that Hip Hop very important in Seville”, commented Iconica Festival director Javier Esteban hours before the concert, an event that reaches its second edition this year and which Si Tangana has already gone through (absolutely full, 18,000 people). And that over is over the next few weeks, with appearances by Patti Smith, Ludovico Enoudi, Boy George and Social Security scheduled for the moment. The only loss is Becky G, who has canceled her September 29 performance. “Last year, with the pandemic, we had a very national lineup, but this year we’ve already managed to make it as eclectic as we were looking. And behold, one night I visited the artists at home. was looking who i can contact on my computer and i saw that 50 Cent He was in or around Malta a few days ago and we contacted him. The idea was to bring one from New York in collaboration with the Lisbon program, but in the end the Portuguese got off the boat. “It’s got complicated. Up until a minute before he got on stage, we were discussing some small but important details with the rapper’s team. performance”, a member of the organization explains after the incident. “He’s come with the band, it’s been brutal. The second time I saw him in Spain, I only remember he performed with a DJ”, comments another, reinforcing the idea that Working with Curtis Jones is leaving myself for Providence.

Stage in which 50 Cent performed at the Iconic Festival in Seville.Christina Quikler (AFP)

camera Won’t Stop Paying Attention To A Blonde Girl He vapes in the second or third row. The site of the grand Plaza Espaa in Seville has been reduced to adapt to the demand. There are about 4,000 people who practically fill this space, fully equipped with a track, stand and two boxes. The same format would be used for Boy George. Along with Ludovico Enoudi, who has sold all the tickets for weeks, the entire audience will be seated. girl chases vapingThe cameraman does not leave him and, on stage, before giving a memorable presentation just a little, 50 Cent joked that he has been making eye contact with her ever since the concert debuted with a hesitant version. What a gangsta It took the rapper 10 minutes and four songs to warm up his voice. But now he’s ready to send the concert he’s booked, and what will happen next, from what we see on the cameras and his sly face. In the constant game of targeting the girls in the audience, there’s something in the club dance of the two. streap tease In between dancers and even smoking marijuana (50 Cent disappears, Bob Marley plays and the two rappers accompanying him light up a joint the size of an iPhone 14 Pro Max) , which seems to be from another era. Depending on how you look at it, it’s either sweet nostalgia or bitter anachronism. Of course, for most of the public this is a first. The connection is huge, the number of songs recognized by constant dancing and respectable, extremely high. lives here Hip Hop, And the one in 2007 was actually one of the best.

“I loved it, a lot.” Sitting in a bar in the venue shortly after the end of the concert, Zatu, from the legendary sevilian rap band SFDK, He takes pictures with fans that remind him of Chiklana or that night in Madrid, and reviews what we just saw on stage. “I’ve always liked 50 Cent. It was different. What he’s done doesn’t make me feel old at all. It’s great that K has concerts.” Hip Hop in this festival. We performed last year and it was very exciting. My grandmother brought me here with her bicycle when I was little and I have broken my teeth several times on those curbs,” recalls the rapper. “I’m going to sleep, I’ll wake up early tomorrow. And, look, I don’t usually go out during the week, but it was worth it. has been played underground Why Seville? Wednesday nights were ours, from Hip Hop,

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