31FAM spreads urban fever on Bogatel beach


The trumpets have given way to ‘autotune’ in ‘autotune’, and the festivals of Barcelona are no longer the pastures of the groups of the Verbeiro branch, but the mass craftsmen of urban music. boys in the foreground 31FAM, that in no time has become one of the most popular attractions of the circuit in Catalonia, melting Trap track with occasional tropical reggaeton wiggles, And pouring such deep sighs into its very young (and quite feminine) clientele.

Sabadell’s group this Friday Bogtail Beach, Opening the poster, completed by Alizez and Santa Salut, in front of thousands of people participating in the traditional dam call in La Merce, as the first COVID disrupted our lives. Shared feelings of relief on the sand, in a ‘Mediterranean’ landscape that this year has been out of place and is now to the north, changes made on the recommendation of the Civil Defense.

that bilingual poetry

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There was restlessness in the atmosphere: many eyes towards the sky. “Peru Si Plou, Aguantrem, Oi Que Si?” Honest / You have no feelings (…) Are you so beautiful? / Si et mousse axi al meu lit it pure dynamite”. Then a dance troupe of seven girls broke out in the game. The background of the erotic-fest was the meridian: “Is it a knight to have molt sex, yes or no? On sun als soltres i les soltres de la merse?”.

But, although 31FAM, with its contradictions and libidinous poems, is something of a ‘boy band’ ‘century’ version (or perhaps alpha: lower middle age, which is derogatory), it would be unfair to downplay them, as in their songbook. There is room for introspection and spiritual suffering, as is apt for any good rag picker. Ambiguous lyrical texts, such as ‘Vida gris’, and heartfelt moans, implying that, beyond his tracksuit and hood, are hearts of gold: ‘El Nostre Ultima Ball’ softened him and acknowledged that Bogtel’s ” Best concert”. To host the season.” Only ‘hits’ like ‘Nance del Barrie’ and ‘Valentina’ were missing to seal it in front of their biggest and most inspired audience, seconding each syllable in such a way as to that there was no tomorrow.

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