30 rulers were recognized for their commitment to children


The Game and Childhood Corporation revealed the names of 30 rulers of the country who were recognized for carrying out innovative and sustainable actions to strengthen the upbringing with love and the care of girls, boys and adolescents through play.

In total, five governors, five mayors of capital cities, one mayor and 19 municipal mayors were recognized, as well as three governorship teams.

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The departments of Boyaca Y Antioch they were those that had a greater number of award-winning governors (including their governors), although the work of the governors of Cauca, Cordova Y North of Santanderas well as the mayors of the capital cities of Arauca, Barranquilla, Medellin, Grass Y Tunja.

All this within the framework of the tenth version of the award ‘Governors Committed to Children’promoted by the corporation, which seeks to praise governors and mayors who stand out for their responsibility and commitment to guaranteeing the rights of children and adolescents, and for making the right to play visible.

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That’s how he explained it Ruth Camelo, director of the Game and Childhood Corporation: “We seek to recognize the management of innovative and sustainable actions that strengthen public policies for childhood, parenting with love and limits, care, as well as the right to play, not only as a tribute in April but throughout the year. Something that is evident in programs and projects formulated from the development plans and that respond to the needs of girls, boys and adolescents”.

According to figures from the organization, in recent years 2,475 leaders from different areas of the country have registered for recognition, who have devised various activities with their teams to carry out during Children’s Day, which takes place every year in the month of April.

In this way, the most innovative initiatives to promote the game on that date are those selected as deserving of the award.

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The work of the Game and Childhood Corporation

Camelo is known for being a defender of children’s rights and, specifically, of the right to play. The results of the achievements of the organization and its allies in 2021 were presented at the Corporación Juego y Niñez annual assembly.

Among them, the results of implementing a computational thinking program without a PC called CroKiX PCwhich has already reached more than 150,000 girls and boys between the ages of 4 and 8, and qualitative and quantitative research that will be published with the Presidency of the Republic carried out by the National, La Sabana and Grancolombiano Polytechnic universities.

This explains how training, participation and the use of pedagogical tools contribute to changing imaginaries and beliefs about parenting with violence for loving care practices where play is a protective factor.

In seven projects at the national level, the Game and Children Corporation invested close to 6,000 million pesos with an impact of 6,000,000 children and adolescents directly and indirectly.


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