15 players resign from the Spanish team after Jorge Vilda continues as coach


15 players Of spanish football team sent many emails to RFEF He announced his decision to resign from the national team. This decision comes after a large group of international people tried without success louis rubiales dismiss George Wilda as national coach.

The RFEF assured in a statement that “it would not allow players to question the continuity of the national coach and its coaching staff” and reminded players that “in accordance with current Spanish law, not to attend calls from the national team” should be classified as a very serious violation and can lead to a ban of between two and five years of disqualification”.

Less than a month ago, football players leaked that their dissatisfaction with Vilda, already known from behind the scenes, led to a meeting with Rubiales to request his dismissal. Reasons argued included the perceived lack of coach’s qualifications, the training routine (short for players) and the results achieved at the previous European Championship.

After the uproar caused by the rebellion, the three captains of the national team (Irene Paredes, Jennifer Hermoso and Patri Guizarro) appeared at a press conference to deny that he had asked for the chief of vilda And that they were limited to listing aspects that a large number of players are unhappy with.

without any Madrid players

That list of 15 players appeared on the Cadena SER program ‘El Larguero’. Ainoha Vicente (Atletico), Patri Guizarro (Barca), Sandra Panos (Barca), Amiur Sarrigui (Real Sociedad), Leila Ouhaby (Manchester City), Lucia Garcia (Athletic), Mapi Leone (Barca), Ona Battle (Manchester United) , Lia Alexandri (Manchester City), Claudia Pina (Barca), Aitana Bonmati (Barca), Mariana Caldente (Barca), Lola Gallardo (Atletico), Neria Izaguire (Real Sociedad) and Andrea Pereira (USA from Mexico).

There is no Real Madrid player on the list of 15 dissatisfied players who will not return to the national team if Vilda continues as coach. nor alexia putelasthe world’s best soccer players, neither Irene Paradesone of the captains of the team, neither beautiful jennyOne of the great stars.

The pressure from the players did not make a dent in Rubiales, who reaffirmed his faith in Vilda. In fact, this week he has renewed and strengthened the ‘staff’ of the women’s teams and Wilda remains both the coach and sports director of the all women’s teams, senior and lower categories.

“Unprecedented Situation”

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Now, he goes a step further by resigning from the national team because the current situation affects him “in a significant way”; His “emotional state” and his “health”.

The RFEF expressed regret in its statement, saying, “This fact has gone from a sporting issue to a dignity issue. Selection is non-negotiable. This is an unprecedented situation in the history of football in Spain and around the world, men And women both, this is an unprecedented situation.” ,

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